Season 1, Episode 7

There Was a Girl

The DPD catches a break on the McCann case. Damon and Maya's freedom is threatened. Lies from the past bring Geddes and Frank to a confrontation.

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Full Recap

Frank wakes Sean, who's sleeping on a sidewalk, and gives him an egg sandwich. He tells Sean there's been a break in the case that will prevent him from stopping by for a few days.

Frank serves Damon and Maya with a search warrant at their house. Frank shows Damon a picture of Billy Hobson, and Damon denies knowing him. A uniformed cop find a bag of coke in the bedroom, and Damon and Maya are arrested.

At the station, Frank and Geddes discuss strategy for pinning Brendan and Anton Bobek's murders on Damon. Frank says the first step is getting Damon to confess to Billy's murder.

Lt. Dawson assigns Frank to interrogate Damon, frustrating Dani, who's the lead on the Billy Hobson investigation.

In the interrogation room, Frank tells Damon they have evidence that he killed Billy and stole his coke. Damon denies it, saying he knows they're trying to pin Brendan and Bobek's murders on him.

Frank drags Damon to the bathroom, where he and Geddes repeatedly dunk Damon's head in a urine-filled toilet. Lt. Dawson stands guard outside.

Back in the interrogation room, Frank and Geddes lean on Damon to confess. Frank remarks that Billy's coke disappeared at the same time Damon started selling coke at the blind pig.

In the hallway, Dani says cops are rounding up Damon's crew but can't find Michael.

Frank joins Maya in another interrogation room, where she demands a lawyer. He shows her the security camera photo of Michael and Damon at the corner store, and she tells him Michael has a bad drug habit. "He could've shot that dealer," she offers.

In the kitchen, Lt. Dawson orders the team to question Damon's crew about Maya's claim.

Dani questions Gus and promises to erase his rap sheet if he talks.

Frank asks Damon where Michael is. Damon says he doesn't know.

Geddes answers a private call on his mobile phone. "Yeah, I got it," he says.

Geddes shows Steven the security camera photo of Michael. Steven refuses to reveal Michael's whereabouts.

Damon backs up Maya's theory that Michael killed Billy, saying Michael had been talking about Billy and his coke on the day of the murder.

Dani asks Gus which man in the photo killed Billy. Gus says it's probably Michael.

Geddes interrogates Steven and presses him to pin the murder on Michael. "He didn't do it, I swear on my ma," Steven says.

In the hallway, Frank angrily asks Geddes why he tried to shift the blame to Michael. Lt. Dawson urges them to get a confession out of Damon. A.P.A. Curtright drops in on the conversation, and Lt. Dawson promises to hand him a solid case.

Geddes and Frank grill Damon, who says Michael was high on the day of the murder and probably stole Billy's coke when he borrowed Damon's car.

Frank roughs Damon up in the bathroom again and threatens to lock Maya away on possession charges unless Damon confesses.

Back in the interrogation room, Damon agrees to talk on the condition that Maya go free, but says he has other information to offer in exchange for a deal. Out of nowhere, Geddes attacks Damon. "You killed my partner!" he screams. Damon demands a lawyer.

In his office, Lt. Dawson yells at Geddes for attacking Damon and jeopardizing the case, then suspends him for two weeks.

Outside, Dani rants to Frank about Geddes and speculates that Geddes was involved in Brendan's murder.

Maya shares shots of liquor with Sean at The International, lamenting that she ever trusted Frank.

Geddes meets Skelos at an arena where Skelos' son has hockey practice. Geddes warns him that Damon nearly ratted him out. Skelos says he'll handle Damon.

Back at the bar, Maya starts crying. Sean touches her hand and jokes "Could be worse. Could still be married to me." Maya laughs.

Boyd drops by Dani's house. "I heard Joe Geddes was a bit off today," he says.

Frank visits Geddes at home, where he is chaperoning a party for April and her friends. Frank demands to have a private conversation, and they get on Geddes' boat.

Geddes cuts the engine in the middle of the Detroit River. Frank says he knows that Geddes and Brendan helped Skelos cover up murders by declaring them suicides. He adds that Dani suspects Geddes' involvement in Brendan's death. Geddes confronts Frank about his trip to Chicago.

Dani reluctantly tells Boyd about her theory that Geddes killed Brendan. When Boyd suggests Frank's complicity, she immediately shoots down the idea and orders Boyd to leave.

Back on the boat, Frank admits he was looking for Katia in Chicago, but says he was unable to find her. He then insists they let Brendan's case go cold. Geddes says D.P.D. won't settle for that after the latest developments in the case.

Damon is released and leaves the station to find Maya waiting outside. Damon says Skelos' lawyer helped him get out, but surmises that it happened because Skelos wants him out on the street where he can get to him.

At church, Geddes enters a confession booth and confesses to being a liar, a thief and a cheater.

Boyd meets with a judge to request a surveillance warrant on Geddes and Frank, citing his suspicion that they killed Brendan. Noting Frank's impeccable record, the judge asks why Frank would do such a thing. "There was a girl…" Boyd says.

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