Season 1, Episode 6

The Way Things Are

Frank navigates through unfamiliar territory in his search for Katia. Damon is forced to ask for help from an enemy, while Nick proves his worth.

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Katia enters a bathroom in the live webcam house where she works. She throws a towel over a camera that films her as she uses the toilet, but is immediately told to remove it.

In her bedroom, Katia puts on makeup, strips down to her bra, sits in front of a laptop, and begins an online video chat. To her surprise, the client is Frank. She pretends to have computer problems and shuts down the connection.

At The International, the mood is grim following Michael's death. Gus shows Maya and Damon a newspaper headline: "Detective's Homicide Linked to Drug Slaying." Alarmed, Damon assumes Skelos is framing him for Brendan's murder.

Frank gives the URL of Katia's chat site to an internal source nicknamed "Cable" and asks him to dig up the location of the site. Admitting he doesn't have a warrant, Frank slips Cable tickets to the Lions' Thanksgiving Day game.

Geddes and his daughter April meet with the headmaster at the Catholic school Geddes attended. When the headmaster points out April's poor grades and lack of sacraments, Geddes hands him a check for a full year's tuition. "We good?" he asks.

Frank meets with an informant named Train and asks if he's heard any talk on the street about Billy Hobson. One of Train's young drug runners says someone from Reverend Lowdown's crew is selling coke that they stole in a robbery.

Outside The International, Damon tries to scrub Michael's blood from his backseat. Frustrated, he admits to Maya that she was right: he tried to move up too fast.

Frank visits Reverend Lowdown's house. While waiting for Lowdown to come to the door, Frank notices A-K's bandaged hand and asks him how he hurt it. Frank and Reverend Lowdown go for a walk, and Frank asks Lowdown for information on Brendan's murder. "Drop a name, any heat on you drops with it," Frank says. Lowdown says he doesn't know anything but will look into it.

At the station, Dani shows Geddes security camera footage from a corner store near the trap house, taken on the day of Billy's murder. The footage reveals Michael's face and Damon's back. She also mentions that a homeless person spotted a Challenger at the trap house that day, and that a Challenger was also parked outside the corner store.

Roslyn, Billy Hobson's mother, barges into the station, incensed about a newspaper article that implies Billy is a cop killer. Cable texts Frank about the chat site URL, tracing it to an address in Chicago. Frank quietly slips out.

In Geddes' car, Dani dispels Geddes' notion that she and Frank are an item.

At the corner store, Dani shows a security camera grab of Michael to the cashier. The cashier recalls little about him besides that he complained about the price of cigarettes, and mentions that male customers always browse through the adult magazines. Geddes and Dani seize the magazines for fingerprinting.

Damon pulls up to Michael's house and honks his horn, pretending to look for Michael. Michael's brother comes out and says Michael isn't home.

Back at the station, Dani tells Geddes she doesn't buy the theory that Billy and an unknown suspect killed Brendan.

In the alley outside The International, Maya comforts Damon as he breaks down in tears.

In Chicago, Frank surprises Katia as she walks down the street. He embraces her, tells her he's going to fix everything, and urges her to leave with him. "Then what?" she replies before telling him that he's a trick and that it was her job to make him feel good. "I am not going back to Detroit," she says before walking away, adding, "My name is not Katia."

At the Detroit Veteran Center, a counselor urges Nick to take his medication regularly. He asks Nick what's bothering him. "Nothing," Nick says.

In his car, Nick downs several pills and chases them with a swig of liquor. He then trails Poppa T to a liquor store and shoots him dead in the parking lot.

Frank pays a late-night visit to Dani's house. He apologies for blowing her off after the boxing match and says he's been thinking about her. They kiss.

At The International, Nick gives Damon the gun. "It had to be done, right baby?" Damon asks Maya. "It had to be done," she confirms.

In her bedroom the next morning, Dani wakes up as Frank attempts to slip out and asks if sex was the only reason he came over. "If it is, it's okay," she says. "That's what we do, right?" Frank leaves without responding.

Damon meets with Skelos in a public park. He admits that he shot Billy and used Skelos' drugs to open the blind pig, then asks for protection from Reverend Lowdown, offering to pay double taxes on The International. When Skelos rejects the offer, Damon reveals he knows the location of the bodies of two Skelos murder victims and threatens to rat Skelos out if any harm comes to him or Maya.

At the station, Geddes tells Dani the magazine fingerprints were useless. He then grills Frank, who's been gone for a day-and-a-half, about his whereabouts. Frank stays mum.

At The International, Damon and Maya sit down with Skelos and Reverend Lowdown to work out a deal. Reverend Lowdown says he's taking over the blind pig -- with Skelos supplying the drugs for it -- and Skelos says he's taking over The International. Damon and Maya sit in angry silence.

Geddes and his mother prepare dinner and ask April about her first day at Catholic school.

At a diner, A-K hands Frank a photo of Billy Hobson and tells Frank there's someone he should investigate.

Dani visits Raymond LeFevre at home to follow up on what he saw on the night of Brendan's murder. LeFevre admits that Frank and Geddes' questioning left him confused, but insists he saw "two men -- one dark, one light."

Alone at the station, Frank prints out Damon's criminal record. His computer chimes, and he opens another window: it's Katia's website. Frank watches as her live show begins.

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