Season 1, Episode 4


Frank plunges into a dark new world in search of Katia. Geddes deals with family issues. Tension rises in the blind pig.

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Full Recap

In Windsor, Frank meets with a pimp at a bar and asks for Katia. The pimp hands him a brochure advertising his prostitutes. Frank looks it over and points to Katia's photo.

A hooker joins Frank in a hotel room, but she's not Katia. Frank asks who her boss is. Alarmed by his questions, the hooker calls her pimp, who is waiting out in the hallway. The pimp pistol whips Frank.

Boyd waits for Frank at the police station. Meanwhile, an officer brings in Geddes' daughter, April, who was caught shoplifting. Geddes scolds April and handcuffs her to a chair.

At the blind pig, Damon expresses concern over the brothel's low revenues. Michael suggests that Poppa T and his men, who were sent by Reverend Lowdown to help out, are skimming. Damon tells his men to keep an eye on Poppa T's crew. A hooker who looks to be no older than 14 passes through the room, and Damon is alarmed by her young age.

Frank stops by The International to warn Maya, who is an old friend of his, that the bar is included in I.A.'s file on Brendan.

At the station, Geddes' ex-wife, Terri, yells at him for handcuffing April, then agrees to let April live with him.

Boyd tells Frank and Geddes that Anton Bobek — the headless victim found in Brendan's trunk — was seen leaving the Raven Lounge with an Eastern European hooker on the night of his murder.

At the Raven Lounge, the bartender tells Boyd and Frank that she has no recollection of seeing Anton or the hooker, noting that not many whites besides Frank frequent the establishment. Frank explains to Boyd that he goes there for the music. When Boyd steps away to talk to the doorman, Frank quietly thanks the bartender for being discreet and asks when a hooker named Diamond will be working next.

Dani visits the mother of Billy Hobson, the drug dealer who Damon shot at the trap house. Dani learns that Billy used to hang out with a crackhead-turned-pastor named Daryl Singers.

While driving, Geddes again suggests to Frank that they should pin Brendan's murder on someone else. Frank refuses and insists on continuing to work the case until it goes cold. Saying, "I need to see my girl," Geddes pulls up in front of an apartment building and heads inside for a quickie. After watching a scuffle between two homeless people across the street, Frank slides into the driver's seat and drives off.

Frank spots Sean Foster, a former cop and Maya's ex-husband who is now a homeless alcoholic, loitering on a sidewalk. Sean takes a swig of liquor as he and Frank catch up. Sean insists he's happy now. Frank mentions seeing Maya.

At the blind pig, Poppa T tells Damon that underage girls would be a big draw at the brothel. When Damon refuses to hire some, Poppa T suggests getting more white hookers instead.

In the kitchen of the blind pig, Gus, one of Damon's men, and A-K, one of Poppa T's men, have a confrontation. When A-K reaches for his gun, Gus grabs A-K's hand and plunges it into a deep fryer. A-K howls in pain and drops to the floor, and everyone else in the room draws a gun. Poppa T runs in with his own gun drawn to break up the fight, and when Damon arrives, demands to know how Damon is going to make things right. Damon grabs Gus' hand and plunges it into the deep fryer, then tells Poppa T, "We're even."

Sean calls Maya a "heartless bitch" for marrying Damon. Frank breaks the news to Sean that Brendan was murdered. "I never liked him, but he was one of us," Sean says.

Dani tracks down Daryl Singers, who tells her that Billy hung out with a "fat, ugly white dude. Ran out of Greektown."

At The International, Damon dismisses Maya's concern about The International being in the I.A. file. "We didn't kill McCann," he points out.

Outside, Sean stares at The International from across the street. "You're not a bitch. I'm the asshole," he mutters.

Sitting in the car outside the Raven Lounge, Frank listens to Katia's message over and over again.

Geddes warns April that his time with her will be limited since he's busy working a big case. She retorts that he's been busy for the past 13 years.

Maya sits at a picnic table with her sister Sandy as they watch Maya's two young kids, a boy and a girl, play on a jungle gym. "Do you ever miss them?" Sandy asks accusingly, before running over to the girl to attend to a scraped knee. Maya leaves without saying goodbye.

At the Raven Lounge, Frank asks Diamond where women in Windsor go if they don't want to be found. She tells him about the Catacombs, "the last stop on the pervert train.”

Working his way through a list of known associates of Anton Bobek, Geddes pays a visit to Billy Hobson's mother. He is surprised to learn that Billy is dead and that Dani already questioned her.

Skelos visits Damon at the blind pig and notes that he wasn't invited to the opening. "Show respect," he tells Damon. "So you can bleed me dry like you did with my dad?" Damon shoots back. Poppa T orders Skelos to leave.

In Windsor's red light district, Frank obtains the location of the Catacombs from a transvestite streetwalker.

At the blind pig, Poppa T tells Damon that it's time for a younger generation to stand up to men like Skelos and Reverend Lowdown. They toast.

At the Catacombs, Frank tells the host that he wants to see Katia from Romania. He's escorted to a dark, windowless room with cinder block walls. A hooker awaits, but again, it's not Katia. "I want you to be someone else," he murmurs as she services him.

At the station, Geddes tells Dani that Billy was an associate of Anton Bobek, and Dani deduces that Bobek is the "fat guy" that Daryl Singers referred to. Geddes commends her detective work.

Frank arrives home to find Sean sitting on his stoop. He tells Sean he was in Windsor, looking for a woman named Katia. "She got to me," he admits.

Low Winter Sun Episode 4
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