Season 1, Episode 3

No Rounds

Frank and Geddes work to cover up the evidence in McCann's murder. Damon's crew prepares for the blind pig opening.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, Geddes watches in horror as Brendan saws the wrist of Anton Bobek's dead body. Brendan orders Geddes to kill Katia, who is bound and gagged in the next room, and dump her body in the river. Geddes drives Katia to the waterfront and points his gun at her, but then stops to pray and finally decides not to fire.

Geddes drives Katia across the Canadian border. In a parking garage, he threatens to kill her if she ever contacts Frank or returns to Detroit. He then lets her go, and she steps into a waiting town car and is driven away.

In present day, Geddes sits in a pew inside an empty Catholic church. “I should've killed her," he mutters.

Frank arrives at a boxing gym to spar and check on the development of Trey Jackson, a fighter he owns a piece of.

Displeased with the slow progress in Brendan's murder case, Deputy Mayor Regina Cook shouts at Lt. Dawson over the phone. Frustrated, Lt. Dawson tells Frank he needs a tangible development by day's end.

Geddes sees Skelos enter the station and notes that Frank never mentioned he was calling Skelos in. Frank responds that they can't investigate the case without talking to Skelos, since Skelos employed Bobek and had Brendan in his pocket.

At The International, Maya tells Nick that Damon can offer him work. “I don't think Damon has anything I'm right for," Nick says.

In an interrogation room, Skelos' lawyer provides sworn statements from people who were with Skelos on the day Brendan was murdered. Skelos makes a comment that implies Geddes is on the take from him.

In the men's room, Frank asks Geddes if he's taken money from Skelos, and Geddes doesn't deny it. Frank stresses that they need to find out what Boyd has on Geddes.

Frank drives by the charred remains of Katia's house.

At home, Geddes's mother dresses Geddes' wounds from Frank's beatdown and urges him to retire from police work.

On his way to Brendan's memorial, Boyd chides Frank for questioning Skelos without consulting him, noting that Frank's actions could impact his own investigation. Frank suggests Boyd share details from his investigation, but Boyd refuses.

At a bar, Frank and his colleagues toast Brendan. Frank tells Dani that he broke up with Katia.

Damon and his crew renovate the house where they plan to open the blind pig. Damon defends his decision to hire Nick, despite his crew's insistence that Nick is crazy.

Back at the bar, Frank reminds everyone that Brendan was flawed. “He deserved prison, but he didn't deserve this," he says, looking directly at Geddes.

At the International, Skelos tells Maya he's laying low and orders a stop to peddling drugs and prostitutes through the bar. She gives her word on Damon's behalf. Skelos remarks on Damon's rebellious nature.

In his office, Boyd suggests to Frank that Geddes killed Bobek and set Brendan up. He gives Frank a binder of evidence, noting that Brendan's phone records show he made no calls on the day before his death. Boyd surmises that Brendan had a prepaid phone, and Frank tells him that none were found in Brendan's house.

The power goes out at the blind pig. Nick says he knows someone who can secure power generators.

Damon and his crew pull up to a salvage site, and Nick points out the scrap boss who stiffed him for a half-hour's pay. Damon's crew dons ski masks and assaults the workers. Nick watches from the car and cringes.

Over lunch, Frank tells Geddes that Boyd has photos of him with Skelos and Brendan and stresses that Geddes needs an alibi. Geddes suggests they pin the murder on someone else, but Frank insists they stall the case until it goes cold.

At the station, Dani tells Frank she has a witness who saw two suspects put Brendan's body behind the wheel of his car before sending it into the river.

Frank and Geddes interrogate the witness, Raymond LeFevre, who describes Frank and Geddes' disposal of Brendan's body in great detail. However, despite claiming he has 20/20 vision and that he was less than 100 yards away, LeFevre doesn't recognize them.

Frank tells Dani and Lt. Dawson that LeFevre's testimony is promising and suggests they do a background check him.

At the blind pig, Maya gives Nick a key and tells him he can sleep on a cot in the back room at The International. 

Back in the interrogation room, Frank and Geddes point out to LeFevre that he is behind on child support and ask him whether he's just after the $10,000 reward.

At the blind pig, Maya tells Damon that Skelos stopped by the bar and spoke as though he knew who killed his man and stole his cocaine. “He's gotta be gone. That's how we stay safe," she says. Damon calls her paranoid but agrees.

Frank and Geddes press LeFevre to identify the ethnicity of the white suspect. LaFevre wavers and finally admits he doesn't know for sure.

Frank and Geddes tell Lt. Dawson that LeFevre would not fare well in cross-examination. Frank suggests they ignore LeFevre, but Lt. Dawson orders a sketch artist to draw LeFevre's descriptions of the two men he saw.

Frank returns to the boxing gym and spars angrily with Trey. After initially holding back, Trey unloads on Frank and knocks him out.

At a tavern, Geddes pulls up the sketch artist's sketches of the two men LeFevre saw on his phone. They look nothing like him and Frank.

At a diner, Frank repeatedly listens to Katia's voicemail on Brendan's phone. Dani joins him and says the mayor is thrilled about LeFevre and wants the sketches to go public.

Later that night, Frank drives over the bridge to Canada.

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