Season 1, Episode 2

The Goat Rodeo

The DPD searches McCann's house; Frank finds game-changing evidence; Maya and Damon reevaluate.

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Lt. Dawson and his team examine the body found in Brendan's trunk. Dani surmises that the head and limbs were cut off postmortem, and Geddes points out evidence that indicates they were removed with a hacksaw. Frank orders a neighborhood canvas and says he'll send cops to Brendan's house.

Frank privately asks Geddes who the body belongs to. Geddes insists he doesn't know.

In his car, Frank flashes back to an intimate moment with Katia.

At Brendan's house, Frank forbids Boyd from entering and orders Geddes to go home.

Inside the house, Dani apologizes to Frank for confronting him at the crime scene. Frank explains that he and Geddes were fighting because he accused Geddes of being dirty.

At The International, Damon arms his men. Michael expresses concern over moving such large quantities of coke, especially after Damon killed the dealer at the trap house, and suggests they lay low for six months. Damon refuses.

Geddes goes home and changes his clothes. He informs his mother, with whom he lives, that Brendan is dead.

Frank finds a hacksaw in Brendan's garage and bags it as evidence. Lt. Dawson asks Frank if he buys Boyd's suicide theory, and Frank says it's possible.

Dani finds a guest room containing rabbits and rabbit cages.

Frank discovers a mobile phone inside a drawer in Brendan's bedroom and listens to a voicemail: "Hi Brendan, it's Katia. Yes."

Frank visits Katia's bungalow and examines a large blood splatter on the wall. In a flashback, he and Geddes stand by the blood-splattered wall, and Geddes insists he doesn't know what Brendan did with Katia's body.

Nick gathers scrap metal from an abandoned warehouse, tearing his hands up in the process, and receives $15 for his work. He angrily accuses the foreman of shortchanging him $2.50, then leaves.

At the station, Lt. Dawson reprimands Frank for being out of touch and says the chief has been demanding updates on the case. He adds that the chief is allowing Boyd to attend Brendan's autopsy.

Dani gets a call about a dead body. Lt. Dawson tells her to investigate with Hernandez and Geddes. Geddes receives a call on his mobile phone and says he'll meet them there.

Geddes enters The International to see Damon and recognizes Maya. Damon tells Geddes he did business with Brendan and was planning to help Brendan nab Alexander Skelos. He offers to do the same for Geddes, but Geddes refuses and demands Damon stop calling him, saying "You do not know me."

Frank and Boyd watch as the coroner begins his autopsy on Brendan.

At the trap house, Dani waits with the body of Billy, the drug dealer Damon shot, while Hernandez canvases the neighborhood.

Damon, Maya and Michael visit a large abandoned house. Damon says that without a cop watching their back, they'll need at least a two-block perimeter. He emphasizes they won't be encroaching on other drug territory.

To Frank's surprise, Geddes shows up at the autopsy. The coroner confirms that Brendan drowned but concludes that Breandan's wrist was broken postmortem. Boyd asks the coroner to test the water in Brendan's lungs to see if it matches the river.

Dani leaves the trap house to help Hernandez interview the owner of a nearby convenience store. Dani asks the owner in Arabic if he's noticed anything suspicious. Met with silence, she tells him off for being uncooperative.

Damon, Maya and Michael explore the inside of the abandoned house. Michael estimates they can build as many as 12 rooms for prostitutes, and Damon calculates they'll earn at least $20,000 a week between the speakeasy and selling drugs.

After Michael leaves, Maya echoes his concerns about Damon executing the drug dealer. He reassures her it was an isolated incident.

At the medical examiner's office, the coroner reports that the water in Brendan's lungs was chlorinated and therefore not from the river. "You got yourself a murder," he says.

At the station, Geddes tells Lt. Dawson he'll peruse Brendan's old cases to see if anyone might have held a grudge. When Dani reminds him that he's supposed to help her with the trap house case, he shrugs her off.

At The International, Nick punches a patron for making a lewd comment about Maya, then hurries out of the bar.

Damon and Michael visit Reverend Lowdown to offer a him bag of coke and assure him that they won't encroach on his territory. Damon adds that the Reverend and his crew will be given "VIP treatment" at his speakeasy. The Reverend agrees.

In Lt. Dawson's office, Frank learns that the headless victim was Anton Bobek, Boyd's confidential informant in his case against Brendan. Boyd says Geddes is now the center of their investigation, though Lt. Dawson reminds him that Geddes may invoke his Garrity rights.

At Katia's bungalow, Frank beats Geddes into admitting that Katia is still alive. Geddes says Brendan used Katia, a prostitute, to lure Bobek in, and that Katia trusted Brendan because of her relationship with Frank. Geddes goes on to say that after he convinced Brendan to spare Katia's life, he drove her across the Canadian border, where she made a call and was picked up by an unseen driver. He warns Frank not to look for her, or else it will blow back on them.

Frank and Geddes douse the bungalow in gasoline and light it on fire.

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