Season 1, Episode 5

Cake on the Way

The DPD's investigation intensifies when a low-level murder is linked to McCann. Damon has to pay the cost of his ambitions.

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Damon and his crew strut down the street, razzing Gus about his burned hand. Damon is in good spirits after a profitable night at the blind pig.

At a butcher shop, Damon places an order for chicken that's double the size of the order he placed in his previous visit. When the butcher's back is turned, he swipes a snow globe off the counter.

Damon and his crew grab breakfast at a diner. Later, at home, Damon brings Maya breakfast takeout in bed and gives her the snow globe.

Frank, Geddes and Dani discuss Trey Jackson's upcoming boxing match while searching the trap house for clues. Geddes tells Dani that half of the homicide department has a stake in Trey.

Geddes calls Frank and Dani over to look at a small sink. "Looks like we found Brendan's murder site," he says.

Trailed by the press, who he invited to be there, Lt. Dawson arrives at the trap house and meets with Frank, Geddes and Dani. Boyd, who Lt. Dawson also invited, arrives and inquires about the significance of the trap house. Frank says Brendan and Anton Bobek may have been killed inside. "Sounds like there's been significant movement," Boyd says.

At the station, Lt. Dawson speaks on the phone to Deputy Mayor Cook, who orders him to come up with a new development in the case by the next day.

Trey stops by police headquarters and gets a warm reception. On behalf of the homicide division, Lt. Dawson gives him a boxing robe.

Geddes visits Daryl Singers at his church and presses him for more information on Billy. Singers mentions that Billy Hobson was tired of being the middleman.

Sean Foster stops by The International to see Maya and drop off pinwheels for their kids. "You know I don't see them," she says. Damon walks in and threatens Sean, shoving him against the bar.

Maya goes outside with Sean. After asking him where he's staying, she hands him a small packet of coke. "That ain't why I came by," he says, but takes it anyway. He awkwardly compliments her looks and leaves.

Dani joins up with Frank outside a liquor store and reports no luck with questioning a group of thugs loitering nearby. She expresses her doubts about Frank's theory that Billy killed Brendan and then was later killed himself by a Middle Eastern accomplice.

At The International, Michael tells Maya that Damon left in a bad mood. Noting Maya's concern for Sean, he tells her about a sober living spot nearby.

Frank and Dani visit Boyd to dig up more leads. Dani asks why I.A. didn't trail Brendan on a possible drug deal if Bobek was their informant. Boyd says drugs were not a high priority.

At the blind pig, Damon asks Poppa T to get more TVs for the boxing match. He declines Poppa T's offer for more security, but Maya insists Poppa T post a lookout to watch for Skelos.

Sean, high on coke, shows up unannounced at Frank's house, waving the latest newspaper article on the case. Noticing a makeshift suspect board, he warns Frank about bringing his work home. Geddes arrives, and Sean leaves.

Frank and Geddes spend all night brainstorming stories to pin Brendan's murder on Billy. Frank expresses concern that Dani will question the logic of their story.

The next day, Frank and Geddes present their theory to Mayor Holloway and Deputy Mayor Cook: Brendan and Bobek were killed by Billy, who was later killed by an accomplice over a rift over drug sales. Deputy Mayor Cook says they'll share the information with press if Billy is indeed the killer.

That night, Trey performs well in the ring as homicide officers cheer him on. Dani tells Frank she doesn't think Billy is the killer, and Frank orders her to stop working when she's off-duty. After taking a head butt, Trey delivers a knockout blow and is declared the winner.

At the blind pig, Damon gives Maya the cold shoulder and she confronts him about his attitude. He complains about Sean and Skelos, and she slaps him. He slaps her back, then apologizes. "Don't hit me," she says, glaring at him.

Outside of the arena, Dani thanks Frank for inviting her to come, then leans in to kiss him. He backs away. She awkwardly apologizes and gets in her car.

At the Raven Lounge, Boyd approaches Latrice the bartender and sends a drink to Diamond, the working girl Frank spoke to during Boyd's prior visit.

At the blind pig, Damon and Maya are having makeup sex when they hear a commotion. They run to the bar, where clients are fleeing from a supposed raid. Poppa T then turns his men on Damon's crew and reprimands Damon for lying about his association with Skelos.

Poppa T marches Damon upstairs to the blind pig's safe and orders him to empty it, noting, "The Rev say you don't come correct. You still owe your taxes."

As Poppa T and his men leave, Gus shoots at them. In the ensuing shootout, Michael is shot.

At the station, Frank pores over computer files of past murder cases investigated by Brendan. He notices that the cause of death on on many of the files is listed as "suicide" -- and that the assisting officer listed on those cases is Geddes.

Boyd explores the ruins of Katia's burned-down house.

In the back seat of Damon's car, Michael begs to be dropped off at a hospital, promising not to say anything. Damon, Maya and Nick don't respond, and Damon pulls the car over instead. Michael goes quiet and dies.

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