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Wyatt Russell Discusses Dud With CBS; Collider Interviews Paul Giamatti

This week, Wyatt Russell discusses Dud with CBS News, while explores Paul Giamatti’s character. Plus, Salon, Slate and Uproxx explains Lodge 49‘s appeal. Read on for more:

• Wyatt Russell explains to CBS News that Dud is “an eternal optimist. Everything that comes around he sees in a light of positivity, and anything negative is not part of what he wants to be about. He’s trying to look at the positive things in life, even through death and through the hard experiences that everybody experiences.” learns from Paul Giamatti that his Lodge 49 character “shows up and endangers everybody’s lives, in a completely crazy way. It gets away with it ‘cause they manage this funny tone, in a really good way.”

Salon describes Lodge 49 as “easy to laugh with and at, and the separate and combined adventures meander on a structured plan. We know somehow Ernie and Dud will have a plane to catch, and despite its indescribable nature I can assure you that you’ll be eager to tag along for the winding trip leading to that runway.”

Slate explains, “For the past year, while trying to explain to friends why AMC’s Lodge 49 is the only TV show I really care about, I’d say it was because, in this series, the stakes are so refreshingly low.”

Uproxx suggests, “If you’re looking for a relaxed and goofy binge that might make you laugh and cry in the same hour, and you want to see Bruce Campbell drinking Bloody Marys in a kiddie pool, and you want to get into a cryptic mystery about like a B-version of the Freemasons, check out Lodge 49.”

• Jim Gavin has this to say about the lodge to A.V. Club: “I think we’re scratching the surface here, but I don’t think we ever quite leave the safety of the doughnut shop behind, where things are mostly as they seem. The lodge as a kind of box of mystery will endure.”

• Wyatt Russell explains to CBS Los Angeles that Lodge 49 “has many different things to say and plays on a variety of different emotions. I’ve learned a lot. One thing I’ve learned specifically is the specificity of being non-specific. That was a challenge I was ready to take on and have a lot of fun with it.”

• Wyatt Russell tells ABC News Radio, “Dud and Ernie could be riding a magic carpet over the pyramids in Egypt. I mean that could literally happen in this show, you know, although it probably won’t. And then you can also be…wallowing in someone’s pain over getting fired and what that means to that person, or what being in debt means to Liz.”

KCRW interviews Wyatt Russell, who says a lodge is “where you can really go to be with people, just share your common human experience face to face, which is something we don’t probably do as good anymore as we used to.”

• In its review of Season 2, Episode 2, A.V. Club commends “The Slide” as “a near-perfect hour of television, made all the more so by Sonya Cassidy’s dependably layered performance.”

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