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Paste Touts Lodge; Wired, Ringer Advise Streaming Lodge

This week, Paste touts Lodge 49 in its ranking of AMC’s best series, while Wired and The Ringer both recommend streaming the show. Plus, 1428 Elm revisits Bruce Campbell’s arc. Read on for more:

• Ranking AMC’s best series, Paste writes that Lodge 49 is “a humane, tenderhearted examination of the communities that emerge where others have withered, and perhaps the finest treatment of the Great Recession and its aftermath yet to appear on TV.”

Wired‘s “Gadget Lab” podcast recommends Lodge 49, calling it “a comedic drama that will shatter any illusions you still had about a decent, post-recession, middle-class existence.”

The Ringer wants viewers to stream Lodge 49: “Lodge 49 isn’t just a ‘modern-day fable’—it might feature TV’s first-ever low-stress, opt-in-only-if-you-want mystery box.”

1428 Elm revisits Bruce Campbell’s three-episode arc on Lodge 49, calling it “a triumphant return to the small screen” for the actor.

The Inlander calls Lodge 49 “a nice mix of laughs and drama, and the lovable, spacey Dud is its beating heart — a combination of Kurt Russell cool and goofball charm a la The Big Lebowski‘s ‘Dude.'”

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