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Exec Producers Talk Finale With EW, AV Club; Deadline on Lodge Renewal

This week, Jim Gavin and Peter Ocko discuss the Season 1 Finale with Entertainment Weekly and A.V. Club, while Deadline reports on Lodge 49‘s Season 2 renewal. Plus, Uproxx learns Wyatt Russell is a fan of Jim Gavin’s writing. Read on for more:

• Jim Gavin explains to Entertainment Weekly, “We’re an ensemble cast. Wyatt [Russell], Brent [Jennings], Sonya [Cassidy], David [Pasquesi], Linda [Emond], Eric [Allan Kramer]: We’re trying to tell full stories for all of them. My hope is that you’re kind of in love with all these characters in some way.”

• Peter Ocko tells A.V. Club that “you’re getting less and less of an identity from your job, so you’d better find it somewhere else. I think Dud naturally finds it in the company he keeps, rather than the job he does. And I think that’s going to be a useful skill, both in and out of the show.”

• According to Deadline, AMC has ordered a 10-episode Season 2 of Lodge 49 that is set to premiere in 2019.

• Wyatt Russell tells Uproxx the book he’s most likely to give as a gift is Lodge 49 Creator and Executive Producer Jim Gavin’s Middle Men.

• While speculating about when Season 2 will premiere, CarterMatt calls Lodge 49 “a fun, quirky, and at times thought-provoking ride. It’s a one-of-a-kind series and we hope that it sticks around for quite some time moving forward.”

Bustle comments that Lodge 49 “seems to have struck a chord with viewers for its acting, but also its writing — and in particular, the zany characters that populate its world.”

• Brent Jennings describes Ernie to as “sort of a desperate character, but there’s a lot of humour to him, a lot of compassion in him and also that other side, if he’s pushed up against a wall, he may do anything to survive.”

• According to 1428 Elm, Bruce Campbell, on Last Call with Carson Daly, says Lodge 49 is “Fargo-ish in tone and approach. Wyatt Russell is the star of it. He’s the coolest guy on the planet. I worked with his father Kurt, several times. Stylistically, it’s a little simpler. It’s not like 24 where it’s like ‘C’mon!’ and everyone’s shouting all the time.”

• The show’s editor, Jennifer Van Goethem, tells that all of Season 1’s 10 scripts were “complete before production started. That’s a luxurious rarity in television, and gives the show a wonderful novelistic style.”

Entertainment Weekly announces the Season 2 renewal by calling Lodge 49 a “Thomas Pynchon-meets-The Big Lebowski-meets-the-Freemasons” series and makes sure to point out that Wyatt Russell will reprise his role as Dud.

• Reporting on the show’s renewal, remarks, “The show has really grown on me, and watching it each week has been a treat.”

• Now that Lodge 49 is getting a Season 2, A.V. Club begs, “Really, please, people, it’s really good. We don’t want to have to keep doing this with you.”

• For a recap of the Season 1 Finale, “Full Fathom Five,” check out A.V. Club, CarterMatt and Vulture.

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