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Mic Recommends Lodge 49; A.V. Club Spotlights Trailer

This week, Mic recommends watching the show when it debuts next month, while A.V. Club checks out a trailer. Plus, Paste speaks with Lodge 49‘s showrunner. Read on for more:

Mic advises checking out Lodge 49, premiering Aug. 6, this summer, calling the show “a slow burn punctuated by big laugh lines, and it has a whole lot of heart.”

A.V. Club spotlights a new trailer for Lodge 49, a drama starring Wyatt Russell that “does explore chosen families and what it means to be at home.”

Paste — calling Lodge 49 “funny, relaxed, optimistic—blissed-out” — speaks with showrunner Peter Ocko, who says Dud is “not a guy who’s trying to improve his life and get something else. He’s actually trying to go backwards when we meet him, and just reclaim this nostalgic sense of the life he had before.”

Paste checks out the show’s teaser trailer, calling it “an engaging introduction to one of the multiple threads running through the series, which counter-programs both the news cycle and ‘prestige’ TV with its relaxed, optimistic, sun-kissed vibe.”

Showbiz Junkies shares “photos from Season 1 along with details on the cast and characters.”

Lodge 49 premieres Monday, August 6 at 10/9c. To stay up to date on all the latest Lodge 49 news, join the AMC Insiders Club.

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