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Season 1, Episode 10

Full Fathom Five

The Lodge's fate hangs in limbo. Dud resigns himself to a new path. Liz reaches her breaking point.

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In a flashback, Bill smokes a cigarette outside of the pool shop, then heads to Donuts. There, he talks to Alice about Dud's upcoming surgery. In private, he tries to ask Paul for a favor but stumbles and decides against it.

Bill heads to Burt's shop and pawns his gold watch for $4,000. After the exchange, Herman notes that the watch is fake. Burt explains that Bill thinks the watch is real and is in need of the money to get to Dud in Nicaragua. Plus, he's confident he'll get twice what he paid for it when one of the Dudleys eventually buy it back. He calls them "sentimental."

A few months later, Dud and Bill are in the pool shop. Bill leaves for the beach and invites Dud to come. Dud passes.

Bill looks out over the ocean and walks into the water.

In the present, Dud wakes up in his car surrounded by possums. He fights them off, then goes for a drive and stops in front of the "Is There Another Way to Live?" billboard. Someone has graffitied the word "no" onto it.

Dud parks on the side of the road to walk to the gas station. Herman watches him from behind.

Ernie stares at himself in the mirror as he dresses for work. His arm is in a cast.

Liz climbs out of her refrigerator, which has been tilted on its side. Her apartment is in shambles. She pukes from drinking.

Jocelyn happily runs along the beach. Alice walks by him after surfing.

At the gas station, the attendant watches a news report on the toxic ground at Orbis. The attendant suggests the whole city has been "tripping" from hallucinations caused by the toxicity. Dud doesn't engage.

Dud returns to his car to find it's been stolen and immediately heads to Burt's shop. Herman stole it after Dud failed to pay his debt. Dud uncovers his winnings from the cock fight to settle the debt, but decides against it when he sees his father's gold watch. He lets Herman keep the car and buys back his bike instead.

Outside the shop, Dud retrieves his belongings from the car and officially releases it to Herman.

At work, Bob blames Ernie for failing to deliver on the deal with Captain. He gives Ernie's accounts over to Jeff.

Liz casually walks into Eugene's office, ready to work. Eugene admonishes her for jumping off the boat and then ignoring him. Liz is ready to move on and expects another chance, but Eugene isn't open to it. He's done with trying to save her and asks her to leave.

At the lodge, Jocelyn reveals he's made Scott the new Sovereign Protector since it doesn't matter now that the lodge is closing. He admits he doesn't want to return to London. Gil suggests he try harder to save the lodge.

Dud shows up at Ernie's house after not hearing from him for a few days. He sees the cast on Ernie's hand and realizes Ernie punched a hole into his world map. They've both been avoiding the lodge lately, but Dud wants to keep his relationship with Ernie. Ernie scoffs and tells Dud there is "no magic out there." He suggests Dud get his life together and start thinking "long term."

Jocelyn faxes over his report on Lodge 49 to London.

Liz shows up at Shamroxx in her uniform, ready to claim her old job, but Jeremy has already hired new employees. Liz angrily removes the padding from her bra and throws it at Jeremy, then walks off.

Dud visits the temp agency to inquire about a career.

Dud arms himself with a pool skimmer and trash can lid to handle the possum infestation in his trailer. Afterwards, he goes through his Squire Kit and finds a Zippo lighter.

Dud, now clean shaven, heads to the pool shop and finds Liz there. Liz admits she misses their father and laments over the voicemails she no longer has access to after she lost her phone in the water. Dud tears up and says Liz was right about how their father's life ended. He remembers the last day he saw him and regrets not going to the beach with him. Liz comforts him. Before he heads out, Dud pays Liz back with his cock fight winnings. She invites him back to the apartment, but he chooses to remain in the trailer as to not be a burden. Liz offers sympathy over how Dud's foot has affected him, but he takes comfort in knowing "the worst thing that could ever happen to me already happened." Liz encourages him to return to the water.

At the lodge, Blaise wonders whether the universe is benevolent and laments over alchemy turning out to be nothing but a dead end in his life.

Ernie returns to the lodge after days and immediately looks for Scott.

Jocelyn calls London to make his case about Lodge 49 staying open. Meanwhile, Ernie spots Scott's photo on the wall and lunges at him. A brawl ensues.

Jocelyn insists Lodge 49 is full of "good people who've been dealt a losing hand" and reflects on the true community he's found. He asks that his report be ignored.

The members debate whether they should break up the fight between Ernie and Scott and ultimately decide not to.

Scott refuses to let Ernie be Sovereign Protector and be with Connie, too. Ernie is confused as he thinks Connie chose to be with Scott. They both haven't talked to her in a few days and realize they don't know where she is. Scott tells Ernie about Connie's ailment.

The next day, Ernie receives a call from Connie. She assures him that she's okay, but doesn't tell him where she is. Ernie accepts her wishes.

In London, Connie drinks at the tavern at Lodge 1. When she asks the members about the True Lodge, they all laugh. Later, Anil blindfolds himself and makes his way to Melinda's office to inform her of the stories Connie mentioned about the True Lodge. Melinda dismisses it as nothing more than an attempt to cover up Lodge 49's crimes. When Anil leaves, though, Melinda blindfolds herself and walks to another office. She tells the person inside, "We have a problem."

At the bank, Liz flat out tells her loan manager that she's done with her debt and offers up all the money she has – $18,808 – as payment in full. The loan manager starts to protest, but Liz cuts her off and threatens to kill herself if she can't get rid of the debt. The loan manager steps out to talk to the branch manager.

Ernie phones Dud to invite him to golf. After a game, they sit on Larry's memorial bench and reflect. Dud insists that despite Larry's sketchy decisions, he ultimately did everything for the lodge. Ernie says Dud can join him for golf even after the lodge closes.

Liz sits in her car and sobs as she looks at her loan statement, now marked "paid."

Dud sits alone on the beach and smokes the last of his father's cigarettes that he found on Carlos's roof.

At the lodge, Blaise tries to decipher Wallace Smith's diary. In frustration, he throws it across the room, knocking a frame off the wall. Blaise discovers a hidden compartment with ancient alchemical tools inside.

Melinda phones Jocelyn and agrees to keep Lodge 49 open. Jocelyn also will stay at Lodge 49 for the time being. Jocelyn runs into the tavern to deliver the good news, but finds it empty.

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Ernie reads over an obituary he's written for Larry. He trips on something and notices a section of the floor is raised. It's a trap door. Ernie climbs down and is led into Larry's trailer. A man sits on the couch and says he's been waiting for Ernie. It's El Confidente and he's ready to go to Mexico to find the scrolls. Ernie hesitates at first, but agrees to join him.

Dud runs into Alicia on the beach. Alicia encourages Dud to get back into the water.

Dud paddles out into the water for the first time since his injury.

Something comes over Liz and she immediately drives away from the bank.

Dud smiles when he sees a seal in the water. Just then, he's knocked off of his board. A shark approaches.

Fellow surfers see blood in the water and start heading for shore. Alice rushes into the water to save Dud. Meanwhile, Liz runs to the beach.

Alicia drags Dud back to shore, his leg bloody from a shark bite. Liz runs as fast as she can towards the scene. Dud looks up and envisions his father standing over him, surrounded by a group of Tongva people. Liz finally makes it to Dud, who looks at her and asserts, "I told you it was a shark."