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Season 1, Episode 7

The Solemn Duty of the Squire

A new visitor arrives at the Lodge with some troubling news.

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Out in the desert, Jeff searches for Captain and collapses under the sun.

Lodge 49 hosts a softball game in honor of Larry. Members poke fun at Dud for his supposed connection to the "true lodge.” Avery, the school bus driver posing as the emissary from London, attends the game as well.

After the game, Dud watches Ernie tear up near his car, which has been adorned with another "Cash for Junk" flyer.

Dud heads back to Larry's trailer, which he's now staying in, and goes through his squire kit. He hears a noise and runs out of the trailer after finding several possums in the bathroom.

Dud shows up at Ernie's house with dinner, though Ernie is not up for company. Dud insists he support Ernie as part of his squire duties, but admits he needs a place to crash because of the possum infestation. Ernie obliges. Dud suggests they find El Confidente. Ernie sighs.

The next day, Dud tries to buy back Ernie's TV from Burt. It's too expensive.

Dud stops by the temp agency to pick up more work. The recruiter agrees after citing Gloria's praise for Dud. The recruiter offers Dud a position that could lead to a career opportunity or a quick job with a brutal commute. Dud chooses the latter, insisting he just needs cash.

That night, Dud, Champ, Gil and a group of engineers play around with homemade catapults at Orbis. Gerson smokes from a bong nearby. Dud laments about how the basement he found the other night has seemingly disappeared.

The next day, Dud shows up at his new day job. Anne, who shows Dud the office, says she'll be out this week, but Gary will be around.

Liz, dressed in a sleek business suit, arrives at Omni West to begin the process for the Executive Training Program and spots Eugene in his office. She notices a book about Harwood Fritz Merrill on his desk.

Blaise and Avery lie post-coital in the Sentinel Suite at the lodge. Later, Avery tells Blaise he believes everything that Larry said about the true lodge. Blaise tells him about the diary he found on Wallace Smith's corpse, though it's written in a cypher he can't decode. Avery offers to help.

Liz goes over her resume with Tara. When Tara mentions a background check as part of the next steps, Liz pretends she has to use the restroom and sneaks out the building.

At the lodge, Blaise inspects Dud's wound. Dud has been following his regimen, but hasn't seen any improvement. Avery reminds Dud that "as above, so below" and suggests his wound reflects a broken universe. Dud notices the chemistry between Blaise and Avery.

Ernie arrives at the hospital, where Jeff is passed out from dehydration. Bob blames Ernie.

Eugene stops by Liz's house to see why she left earlier. Liz admits she has a felony and will tell him the story another time. She shows him to the door.

At the lodge, Gil whispers to Dud about their next escapade at Orbis. Connie overhears.

Ernie checks in with Avery about the succession process. Avery says he will make his report to London tomorrow and tells Ernie to start packing for the Grand Tour.

Scott and Dud talk about Larry. Scott says his dad was friends with Larry, though Larry never really liked Scott.

The lodge members toast Ernie's upcoming Grand Tour. Just then, Jocelyn arrives and introduces himself as the actual emissary. He apologizes for the delay and tells them he's been detained for a few days. Avery makes a run for it.

Ernie shows Jocelyn to the suite. They plan to hash everything out in the morning.

Connie joins the engineers at Orbis as they plan to find a way to launch a fridge into the harbor. Connie wonders what the engineers will do when Orbis is gone for good. Dud thinks it's his duty, along with Ernie, to show them to the lodge. "If I heal the universe, I heal my foot," he says, echoing Avery's earlier sentiments.

The next day, Dud dozes off at his day job.

Jocelyn tells Ernie that Avery is a thief and has been robbing other lodges as well. A bigger matter to discuss, though, is Larry. Jocelyn goes through Lodge 49's books and discovers that Larry committed major fraud. He'd been living off of membership dues for the last few years and the lodge might be foreclosed on. Jocelyn assumes Larry was trying to escape the country to avoid charges.

Ernie catches Dud up and throws an angry fit for trusting Larry. Dud still believes Larry was telling the truth about the scrolls.

Avery returns to the lodge to talk to Blaise. He invites Blaise to join him in finding the true lodge and thinks Wallace's diary is a key. Blaise lets him leave.

Dud takes out another loan from Burt to afford Ernie's TV. He brings it back to Ernie's house and mounts it on the wall. Seconds later, it falls off and shatters.

Ernie kicks Dud out and calls Dud a "curse." He blames Dud for everything that's gone wrong in his life since they've met. Dud calls him out for screwing Scott's wife and stealing $2,000 from him. Ernie shoots at Dud with his air rifle.

Over dinner at Liz's, Eugene tells Liz a story about how he got caught with drugs during college. Liz recounts the time she drove a forklift down the airport runway after a night out in college, resulting in her felony.

Later in the evening, Eugene asks about Liz's dreams for the future. Liz admits she can only think about paying off her debt. She mentions her multiple college acceptances and her foiled plan to go on to do great things. They kiss.

Ernie stares at a map in his living room and removes tacks one by one.

Dud wakes up after sleeping at his dad’s old pool shop and heads to his day job.

Ernie wakes up to the sound of crows. He grabs his gun and shoots at one. When he walks over, he sees that the crow isn't dead, but is unable to fly.

Ernie stops at the hospital and finds Bob worrying over Jeff's body and delicately combing his hair. When Bob walks out, Jeff springs to life and tells Ernie about Captain. Jeff likens Captain to a god and urges Ernie to go find him in the desert.

Ernie ventures out to the desert, following Jeff's directions. He arrives at a mobile office and is speechless when Dud opens the door. Dud assumes he's here to apologize, but Ernie admits he's looking for Captain. Dud's confused but mentions Gary. They look outside and see Gary sitting in an inflatable pool and drinking a Bloody Mary.