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Season 1, Episode 6

The Mysteries

Larry divulges the secrets of the Lodge to Ernie, while Dud makes an unusual discovery.

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It's the morning after Larry's meltdown at the succession ceremony. Ernie and Dud have crashed in Larry's trailer. In the bathroom, Larry stares in the mirror and says, "He doesn't need you."

In a flashback, a 12-year-old Larry stares at a bird house hanging from a tree in the parking lot of the Lynx Lodge. A group of kids tease Larry about rumors about his mom and Wallace Smith, who’s married. Larry lunges at them and a fight ensues.

Inside the lodge, Larry rudely greets Wallace, who's the current Sovereign Protector, and whisks his mother away to address the rumors. Jackie Loomis denies the rumors, but admits she’s going to London with Wallace. Jackie can't tell Larry any further details, but promises the lodge will take care of him while she's away.

Back in the present, Ernie and Dud question Larry's odd behavior last night, but Larry just laughs it off. Dud tells the guys that Liz has kicked him out and cites money problems. He's starting a new temp job, working nights, and will keep an eye on Larry during the day.

Connie visits an eye doctor to try to get more information about her recent episodes. She jokes about the doctor's office being the perfect place to unleash secrets and mentions having an affair with a guy who's unaware of her possibly having a terminal illness. The doctor assumes she's joking and tells her that her eyes look normal.

Ernie talks to some of his colleagues and learns that Captain is out in the desert and that his Orbis deal has been approved by City Hall.

Liz walks into Donuts and overhears Alice’s father scrutinizing Liz and Dud's lives.

At work, Ernie is praised for getting a lead on Captain. However, Bob realizes there's a scheduling conflict with a client and puts Jeff in charge of going after Captain instead. Ernie balks and insists this was "my thing." Bob tells Ernie to stick to what he's good at.

Dud returns home to grab his belongings. After apologizing to each other, Liz admits she's worried about Dud and suggests he can't move on until he acknowledges the past. She guesses he's afraid of "the dark," but Dud thinks Liz is afraid of "the light." He insists he’s on the right path.

At the lodge, the members discuss Larry's condition. Scott calls it a wakeup call and suggests putting Larry in a nursing home. Ernie agrees to talk to him. Scott suggests the succession will have to be reconsidered.

In London, Jocelyn reminds his elderly parents of his trip to California and sets out.

Dud works a night shift as a security guard at Orbis alongside Champ. Champ warns Dud not to take any "dumb risks."

As they roam the facility together, Champ pops a pill to help him stay awake and offers one to Dud, who declines.

In Larry's trailer, Larry balks at the thought of assisted living. He tells Ernie he's going on a trip to take care of business with someone known as El Confidente, who's coming to pick Larry up tomorrow. Larry tells Ernie that something big is coming and is pleased that Ernie will be taking over the lodge. In fact, Larry thinks they should conduct the succession ceremony right in the trailer. Ernie takes a knee as Larry makes it official.

The next day, Ernie and Connie meet to discuss the state of their relationship. Connie tells him to stay in the moment and stop worrying about the future. Ernie agrees and they kiss.

Dud hangs with Larry in his trailer. Larry gifts him with his old Squire kit, which has since been discontinued by the lodge.

On his flight, Jocelyn tries to make small talk with a mother. Her child glares at him.

At Shamroxx, Liz serves the geologist that Ernie crossed paths with at Kaplan. The man tells Liz he's come to the restaurant to think. Liz says that Shamroxx is not conducive to reflecting, but the man tunes her out and stares at her breasts.

Ernie and Larry wait in the park for El Confidente to arrive, while Dud lies down on a bench nearby. Larry spots a van and prepares to leave. Before he goes, he tells Ernie that Dud is important and is connected to the true lodge. Larry flags down the van, but it keeps going.

Jocelyn wakes up to find his passport, phone and wallet missing. He assumes the child sitting next to him must have stolen it from him while he was sleeping. He's guided away for inspection by U.S. customs.

That night, Ernie stands outside of Connie's house and phones her to tell her he can't live in the moment with her. He can't sneak around like they used to.

Alice stops by Liz's house to apologize for her father's comments. Liz invites her in to watch TV.

Dud drives around Orbis in a golf cart.

Alice and Liz watch a fitness competition show. Liz decides to show off her own strength by attempting to drag the couch across the carpet using a clothesline in her mouth. Liz manages to move the couch a bit, but goes flying into the wall and smashes the mirror. Alice warns she'll have seven years of bad luck right before Liz trips and lands face first into the glass coffee table.

Dud spots two burglars at Orbis and decides to pursue them.

At the lodge, Ernie brings up the idea of a nursing home again to Larry. Larry ignores him and shows him to the Sanctum Sanctorum, though it looks like a plain office.

Dud tries to convince the burglars to stop stealing, but it backfires when they pursue him. He drives off as fast as he can and crawls through a hole in a wall he finds.

Larry tells Ernie that his mother and Wallace infiltrated the true lodge and stole scrolls from Harwood Fritz Merrill’s crypt in London to bring back to Long Beach. Ernie asks to see the ancient documents, but Larry lost them to El Confidente in a poker game in the '80s. Larry says he never believed the stories his mom told him, but he does now because of Dud. He reminds Ernie that Merrill found the scrolls when he fell into a viper pit in Egypt and survived a bite. "They sent Dud as a message," Larry says.

Meanwhile, Dud finds a metal ladder and climbs down into a basement room. The space is lit momentarily by a flickering fluorescent fixture that resembles a galaxy, then blackness. Dud stares in amazement.

Larry tells Ernie he doesn't have much time left and asks him to take him to the border. He cries as he calls Ernie a "gift."

Dud climbs back up into the facility and finds a huge work room where he sees Gil.

Alice accompanies Liz to the emergency room. Liz is asked to stay and talk to a doctor. Alice assumes Liz's cut on her arm raised a red flag about self-harm. Liz calls Eugene to talk about the executive training program again and walks out of the hospital.

Avery, the school bus driver who learned about Wallace's corpse from the news, arrives at the lodge and pretends to be the emissary from London. Blaise falls for it.

Bob calls Ernie and demands he get to the office immediately as no one can get in contact with Jeff in the desert. Ernie hangs up on him to take care of Larry. As they prepare to head out, Larry envisions the pump jack as a dragon.

Ernie and Larry stop by the lodge to have a beer before they go to the border. They talk about Larry's time in the army.

Outside, Ernie's car won't start and Larry agrees to give him a jump. From the driver's seat of his car, Larry stares at the ruins of the old bird house hanging from a tree and smiles. After working on his car, Ernie walks over to Larry and finds him unresponsive. Dud pulls up in his car and takes in the scene.