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Season 1, Episode 5


Dud's new relationship goes well. Ernie prepares for the Sovereign Protector ceremony.

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At home, Liz wakes up from a dream about her dad. In the dream, Liz and Dud stand outside of the pool shop and watch Bill light a cigarette before he dissolves into smoke.

Dud relaxes on a float in Gloria’s pool. She remains uptight despite Dud's optimistic attitude. They disagree over whether there's such thing as paradise. Later, they have sex in Gloria’s bedroom while Gloria’s mother, Veronica, sits quietly in the living room. Afterwards, Dud recounts a dream of his father blowing smoke rings.

At Shamroxx, Liz's coworkers recount the details of their drunken night together. Gerson shows Liz a video of her laughing with the executive from corporate.

Dud tries to communicate with Veronica to no avail. When she urinates on herself, Dud offers to help out but Gloria asks him to leave.

At the lodge, Larry stares into the bathroom mirror. His hand shakes as he tries to put it on the glass.

In the lobby, Larry stands before the portraits of his mother and Wallace Smith.

Outside, Larry stands idly in the middle of his trailer lot. Ernie walks over and Larry points to the pump jack and refers to it as a "pump dragon."

Ernie calls Connie, who's stationed outside of Orbis, about Larry's behavior. She scolds him for not honoring their break from each other, then hangs up when she sees Gil race by on a bike. In the distance, a knight on horseback approaches. As he gets closer, Connie sees that it's just Champ in a golf cart doing his security guard duties.

Jeremy calls Liz into his office to talk about the visit from corporate. Liz admits she goes overboard when she drinks, but Jeremy actually wants to praise her for charming the guy. Liz dismisses it. Jeremy then admits he has feelings for Liz. She rejects him, but agrees not to hold it against him.

Dud phones Ernie to offer his support in the situation with Connie. Ernie is busy working and hangs up.

At the lodge, Larry offers his regrets for punching Dud in the face and asks to hang out this week.

In the library, Blaise gets anxious as he prepares for an upcoming lecture he's giving on Wallace Smith and Harwood Fritz Merrill. He doubles over in pain and tells Dud about the mysterious parasite he picked up years ago in India. He points to Dud's foot and says they have to learn to "live with these things."

In the office, Ernie reads an official letter from the lodge in London to Larry. The London emissary is due to arrive in two weeks. Dud enters and mentions Blaise's parasite, which Ernie calls a "tale."

Larry leads a meeting in the Throne Room and announces his upcoming resignation. He decides to conduct the Succession Ceremony sooner than planned. Scott immediately interjects and suggests waiting for London, but Larry's mind is made up.

Later, Scott offers a forced handshake to Ernie and congratulates him. Ernie watches Scott leave with Connie. Dud wonders how Ernie can “stand it.”

At home, Liz researches the executive from corporate – Eugene Mar – on her computer. Dud arrives home and they watch TV together on the couch. Liz asks to meet Gloria and suggests he bring her to Shamroxx. Just then, Gloria texts Dud and he leaves immediately to go see her.

The next day, Ernie's team pokes fun at him for getting "abducted" by the Kaplan developers. Ernie remains determined to find Captain. His boss reprimands him about neglecting his clients lately.

At Donuts, Alice invites Dud to join her in the water. He declines and tells her he has a date. Burt catches Dud before he leaves and reminds Dud that his loan payment is due. They head to the pawn shop to discuss options.

Dud signs a new set of loan papers, although Burt points out the terms and calls it the "dumbest decision you can make." Still, Dud needs to buy time.

A school bus driver, Avery Hill, watches footage of the local news broadcast about the body found at the lodge. He makes a call and mentions "the true lodge," then immediately runs off of the bus.

At Orbis, Dud and Gloria role play an imaginary interaction between Gloria and an employee. Gloria gets frustrated and Dud suggests going to see a movie instead. Gloria reminds him that they're not dating and warns that she's damaged. Dud insists she's wrong. "I saw you," he says. They share a passionate embrace.

On the golf course with Larry, Ernie laments his issues with Connie. Larry assures other people in the lodge have had affairs. Larry also mentions how he initially thought "they" sent Dud to take him out, but understands now that Dud was sent as a "message." Ernie remains confused. Later, Larry sees a memorial bench with his name on it. Ernie explains that they acted too early in getting the bench when he went to the hospital. Larry laughs.

Dud and Gloria arrive at Shamroxx. Liz introduces herself and when Gloria's out of earshot, Liz comments on Gloria's age.

At the lodge, Blaise delivers his talk. In the middle of it, the crowd notices something dangling out of his nose and watches in shock as he pulls a parasite completely out of his body. Scott leaves.

Ernie shows up at Connie's house while Blaise's talk is going on. She balks but eventually lets him in. Ernie tells Connie to make a decision. Just then, Scott returns home and Ernie rushes out before he's caught.

The next day, Dud and Larry chat near the beach. Larry says Dud walked in the lodge for a reason and thanks him for awakening him. He tells Dud to stick with Ernie once he's "gone." Dud assumes he’s referring to his resignation.

Eugene stops by Shamroxx to bring Liz an application for the executive training program. Liz doesn’t remember the previous conversation and blames the liquor on her making "big plans for the future." Eugene tries to ask Liz out, but she rebuffs him.

Liz finds Jeremy and starts to lean in for a kiss, but decides against it. Jeremy assumes Liz is interested in him, but she assures him she's not and tries to forget about it.

At Gloria's, Dud looks through her sketchbook without her permission. She rips it away from him and downplays her artistic talents. Gloria insists she's not a good person. Dud mentions the caretaking of her mother, but Gloria interrupts and admits she wishes her mother was dead.

Dud brings Gloria over to Veronica and encourages her to speak her truth. Gloria sobs as she looks at her mother and tells her to die.

At home, Dud studies the cigarette box he found on the roof of his family’s old home. Liz returns home and Dud tells her things are over between him and Gloria. Liz guesses it was a waste of time anyway and can’t hide her sour mood after a long day at work. Dud advises Liz to quit her job and tells her how miserable she is. Liz suggests Dud doesn't live in reality, just like their father, and says their father committed suicide after faking happiness for so long. They wrestle each other to the ground and Dud accuses Liz of being the one that actually wants to die. He leaves.

At the lodge, Blaise promises Dud's foot will be fixed. "Anything is possible," Blaise says.

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Larry drinks and studies a photo of his mother.

The Succession Ceremony begins in the Throne room. Larry walks in, fully nude and confused. Ernie rushes over and places his own robe over Larry. Dud and Ernie usher Larry out.