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Season 1, Episode 4


Dud and Ernie venture out on a mission in the kingdom of Long Beach. Liz spends her day off at work.

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At the lodge, Dud stares at the mummified corpse he and Ernie discovered in the hidden library.

In the lobby, Ernie studies a portrait of a former Sovereign Protector that resembles the corpse.

Ernie returns to the library and informs Dud that the corpse is of Wallace Smith. He guesses Larry must have known him since his mother took over as Sovereign Protector after Wallace. Dud reads a letter that was buried with Wallace which mentions the "true" lodge.

Blaise, Anita, and Ben pile into the lodge to prepare for the breakfast they’re hosting for a group of Boy Scouts. Ernie takes them to see Wallace's corpse. Blaise is particularly fascinated.

Liz wakes up on her day off and eats breakfast in front of the TV.

Ernie reads from Wallace's letter where Wallace talks about building a “bridge" to the true lodge and deciding to drink a bottle of formaldehyde. Blaise notes that Wallace hermetically sealed the room, which allowed his body to be preserved.

Scott and Connie arrive at the lodge and are shown Wallace's body. Scott wants to get the authorities involved, but Blaise forbids it. Dud gives a dramatic spiel about how he was supposed to find Wallace and ends up falling on top of the corpse. Scott demands they handle the breakfast first, then take care of the corpse.

Dud heaves over a toilet.

Ernie catches Connie in the hallway. She apologizes for running out on him the day before. Still, Ernie calls it the perfect Saturday and says he wants to spend the rest of his Saturdays with her. Connie suggests they take a break.

Liz prepares to leave for the beach, but decides against it.

In the Throne room, Scott bickers with Ernie about the breakfast and orders him to go to the grocery store for more supplies. As Ernie heads out, Dud suggests they go find Larry. He tries to go with him, calling it his "path," but Ernie leaves him behind.

Outside, Ernie's car won't start. He has to ride with Dud.

Liz shows up to work on her day off. Jeremy tries to send her away, but she decides to hang around and drink.

Gloria phones Dud, who was supposed to come into work today. Dud mentions finding a dead body at the lodge and Ernie signals him to shut up. Dud promises to come in later. After the call, Ernie notes that Dud and Gloria have a strange dynamic. Dud thinks she just needs someone to talk to. Ernie spots a black SUV a few cars back, but leaves it alone.

Dud and Ernie arrive at Larry's house only to find he no longer lives there. The current occupant, an artisan, offers to find Larry's forwarding address and invites them inside. Dud and Ernie stare at the wooden coffins he's built for an upcoming gallery installation.

Jeremy asks Liz if she’s uncomfortable being alone. Liz admits she is and can't afford therapy. Jeremy is nervous about a visit from corporate today. Liz gives him a pep talk.

Back on the road, Ernie sees the same black SUV from earlier and tells Dud they're being followed. Dud dismisses it. While at a stop light, Ernie spots a former school mate, Vance. Vance asks Ernie if he's talked to Connie lately. Ernie lies.

Dud tries to dig for more information about Vance, but Ernie stays quiet. Suddenly, a seal crosses the street, and Dud swerves to avoid it. Disturbed by Wallace's death, he paces in the streets and recalls how he felt when he was bit by a snake and wonders how his dad felt before dying. Ernie consoles him and says Dud survived for a reason. Dud guesses he and Ernie are connected in ways that aren't known yet.

At Shamroxx, Liz recalls a memory of her father.

In a flashback, Liz and Bill eat at a diner. Liz, dressed in business attire, updates him on work. Bill mentions taking out a loan for the shop and asks Liz to co-sign. She agrees. A seagull slams into the window during their conversation.

Back in the present, Liz sits in silence at the bar.

At the lodge, Scott meets a father and son and tells them about his career in law enforcement. The father assumes Scott is a cop and Scott fumbles when he has to explain he works for Harbor Patrol.

Ernie and Dud eat outside Donuts as Dud recounts the history of his family’s pool shop. Herman walks over and Ernie assumes he's the one who's been following him in the SUV, but he’s not. Dud and Ernie realize they both know Burt, who works as Ernie's bookie, though Ernie has never met Burt in person. They head to Burt's pawn shop and Dud threatens to give up Burt's criminal enterprise if he doesn't cancel Dud's loan and return Bill's watch as well as Ernie's TV. Burt threatens to hurt Dud if he talks.

At the lodge, Connie and Blaise ponder over Wallace’s corpse. Blaise guesses he was trying to follow the path of Harwood Fritz Merrill, who is believed to be buried in a crypt under Lodge 1 with the alchemical scrolls he found in the desert. Blaise wonders if the lodge is "waking up."

Back on the road, Dud ignores Gloria’s calls. Ernie wonders aloud about Larry's whereabouts and guesses he's preparing to die. Dud's car runs out of gas in front of a big billboard that reads "Is there another way to live?"

At Shamroxx, Liz drinks with her co-workers, Gerson and Champ.

A boy scout runs out of the lodge, screaming. Scott rushes to the library and finds some of the scouts playing with Wallace's corpse. A parent sees.

Dud and Ernie walk to go get gas. Ernie tells Dud he almost quit the lodge but stuck around because Larry promised the lodge would give him "a gift." Dud deduces he's talking about Connie. Ernie plays coy, but eventually comes clean. He recounts how Connie's parents made her transfer schools once they found out about her relationship with him. They didn't see each other for forty years, until she walked into the lodge one day with Scott.

Blaise notices a diary on Wallace's corpse with a photo of Larry’s mother, Jackie Loomis, inside. The diary is written in a bizarre cipher and adorned with alchemical annotations. On the other side of the picture reads "Godspeed my Love…J."

At a gas station, Ernie answers Dud's phone and tells Gloria that Dud isn't coming in.

Dud heads into the mini mart while Ernie waits outside. A black SUV pulls up to Dud's car and Ernie gets inside. Dud doesn't notice.

Inside the SUV are two developers from the Kaplan meeting that Ernie crashed. They ask Ernie about anything he heard from the meeting and if he knows Captain. Once they see that Ernie doesn't know anything, they drop Ernie back off at the gas station and leave him with a gift basket of truffles. Dud walks out of the mart, bewildered.

Liz and her co-workers use kitchen supplies to make costumes and play outside of the restaurant. Jeremy rushes out and orders them to be quiet while corporate is visiting. They continue as soon as he closes the door.

A local news station comes to the lodge and interviews Blaise about Wallace's corpse. Scott and Connie watch from their car.

Ernie updates Dud on what happened with the Kaplan guys. Ernie thinks they were just trying to build a relationship with him.

Ernie and Dud arrive at Larry's address – a trailer that sits out on a lot. The trailer is unlocked and Larry isn't inside. Ernie gives up on looking for him, but Dud is intent on finding more information about the true lodge. Ernie reflects on Wallace's death and wonders why anyone would want to live forever, especially "if you're all alone on a Sunday."

Dud stops by Gloria's house and kisses her. She pulls him inside.

At the lodge, Ernie watches Blaise’s interview on the news. He hears a sound and finds Larry, in his underwear, who casually tells Ernie that he's back.

Liz wakes up the next morning in a luxury apartment with her co-workers sprawled out nearby. A seagull stares at her through a glass door.