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Season 1, Episode 3


Full season available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Liz and Dud hold a memorial for their father. Ernie and Connie spend the weekend together.

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In the Throne Room, Dud stumbles through his oath during his ceremony to become a Squire, but gets it right eventually. Scott says the ceremony is not official without the Sovereign Protector, but Ernie maintains that he's in charge while Larry is out. Dud is presented with a silver Lynx pin.

The lodge members celebrate with pizza and observe photos of former members. Blaise points out a photo of Larry's mom, who served as Sovereign Protector for a few years.

In the office, Scott and Ernie listen to a voicemail from Larry, who says he's feeling better but is taking a sabbatical. He mentions Ernie is to be in charge until he's back. Scott is suspicious about what Larry is up to, but remains confident that the London visit will put things in order if Larry has "lost it." He mentions upcoming plans for the weekend.

In the tavern, Ernie gifts Dud with a silver tankard.

The next day, Liz wakes up from a mundane dream about work. She finds her envelope of cash and counts the bills. Before leaving for work, she wakes Dud up and reminds him that he owes her three grand.

Dud tries to masturbate in the shower, but gives up. He receives a call from the temp agency where he applied.

At work, Liz laments to her co-workers about dreaming of work. Gerson offers to send her to an apothecary he frequents.

Dud arrives at a desolate office space at Orbis where an employee is leaving in tears. He meets Gloria Keller, head of HR, who puts him in charge of organizing termination packets.

Liz stops by Blaise's dispensary. Blaise tries to give a passionate speech about the benefits of weed on the unconscious, but Liz cuts him off and says she just wants to get high.

Liz sits down in an empty church. Monsignor Guzman sees that she's high and asks if she's thinking about her father. He suggests finally holding a memorial service. Liz says Dud isn't ready and refuses.

At home, Dud tells Liz about the loan he took out from Burt in order to join the lodge. Liz balks and says Dud never thinks about "tomorrow," just like their father. She mentions her conversation with Monsignor Guzman and decides to hold a memorial service for Saturday. Dud agrees.

The next day, Ernie tries to get information about Captain from one of his clients. The client mentions someone named Kaplan, who works in the Winger building downtown.

At work, Dud sees Gil being fired by Gloria. Gil spots Dud and recognizes him from the lodge.

Liz stops by Donuts and invites Alice and her father, Paul, to the upcoming memorial. Liz is also taking up a special collection, per Monsignor Guzman's suggestion, to donate to Heal the Bay in her father's name.

Connie is fired from her job at the Long Beach newspaper because of a rebrand. She calls Ernie and plans to come over for the weekend.

Gloria talks to Dud about having to fire so many people. He listens and reassures her.

Ernie, in a slick suit, arrives at Kaplan Development & Design. An assistant immediately pulls him into a meeting about a development plan. Ernie realizes he's been mistaken for someone else but decides to stay once he hears Captain's voice, who's phoning in. When Ernie is asked to chime in, he comes clean but tries to pitch his plumbing supply company and get in on the project. Captain hangs up. Ernie leaves his business card and is escorted out.

In the lobby, Ernie sees the person he was mistaken for.

At the lodge, Blaise shows Dud the Sentinel Suite, which must be prepared for the London emissary's arrival. Dud offers to clean it. Blaise mentions his education in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and takes a closer look at Dud’s snake bite wound.

Ernie returns to the lodge. Dud mentions his father's upcoming memorial and invites Ernie and Blaise. Ernie has plans, though he doesn't mention Connie. Blaise agrees to come.

The next day, Gloria asks Dud for advice about her pool, having seen his work history, then discloses information about how her husband left her.

At the end of the work day, Gloria asks Dud to work this weekend. He agrees, but warns that he has to leave at 3 on Saturday for "a thing."

At Shamroxx, Liz's co-workers learn about Liz's loss for the first time. Jeremy suggests she take Saturday off, but Liz wants to still come in for the lunch rush.

The next day, Ernie wakes up to Connie in his bed.

Ernie talks to Connie about his plans as Sovereign Protector. As he speaks, his head is suddenly crowned with a purple and red aura. When Ernie goes to shower, Connie grabs her stuff and runs out of the house.

Connie drives to a parking lot and takes out several pillows from her trunk before lying down in the backseat. She puts a plastic mouth guard in her mouth.

Dud finishes his Saturday shift and starts to head out, but Gloria asks if he can take a look at her pool. He mentions his plans not being important and agrees.

Ernie frantically tries to reach Connie. She sends a text telling him that Scott came home early. Ernie's cat leaves a dead crow in front of the house.

Dud takes a look at Grace's pool in her backyard. Through a window inside of the house, he can see Grace's mother who is confined to a wheelchair and who Grace says is not "all there." As Dud works on the pool, he sees a reflection of his father in the water and smiles.

At the memorial, Liz leaves a voicemail for Dud admonishing him for flaking. Ernie and Blaise arrive and introduce themselves to Liz. Ernie leaves three hundred dollars in the collection plate.

Dud pulls a dead rat out of the skimmer line, which fixes the issue. Gloria jumps into Dud's arms for a hug. With the water drained from its lungs, the rat springs back to life and climbs up Gloria's back. She screams as Dud knocks the rat off of her. Gloria looks down and notices Dud has an erection. They share an awkward moment before Dud walks off.

Dud walks into the middle of the memorial and takes a seat next to Liz, who smiles when she sees him. Liz and Dud are invited to say words. Liz declines, but Dud agrees. Dud talks about how he's realized he doesn't have to say goodbye to his father because "time is an illusion." The congregation looks on as Dud offers an existential perspective on reality and alchemy. Blaise looks proud. Dud recounts seeing a vision of his father earlier in a pool and how a rat came back to life right before his eyes right before he got an erection. A guest walks out. Dud ends the speech with saying his dad is still "here."

After the memorial, Dud is pressed about his speech. Blaise comes to his defense. Dud leaves with Blaise and Ernie. Monsignor Guzman gathers the money from the collection, but Liz insists she take care of the donation.

Scott returns home to Connie, who is recovering. Scott asks if it was "a bad one."

The lodge hosts a karaoke night. Ernie tells Dud the lodge is not about secrets and hidden worlds, but rather the members who make it what it is.

Dud watches Gil, wasted, belt out a song then throw a pint glass against the wall.

Ernie and Dud, both drunk, head to the Sentinel Suite to crash. Dud lies on the murphy bed, which folds back into the wall with him on it. Ernie pulls the bed down and sees a large hole where Dud was pushed through that leads to a secret library.

Ernie and Dud explore the library and find a mummified corpse of a man wearing a gold robe, a glengarry and glasses.