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Season 1, Episode 2

Moments of Truth in Service

Full season available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Dud becomes acquainted with the Lodge. Ernie battles with his fellow Lynx.

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In a flashback, Sean "Dud" Dudley sits in the water on his surfboard and takes in the coast. He greets his dad, who's searching the sand with a metal detector, and Alice, who's heading to the water with her board.

Later, Dud works a maintenance job in his Dudley & Son shirt, then drives in his Volkswagen Thing with a smile.

That evening, Dud, Bill and Liz barbeque in the backyard of the Dudley house and enjoy a night at home.

The next day, Dud and a fellow surfer walk through the jungle of Nicaragua. A viper approaches and bites Dud, who cries out in pain.

In the present, Dud stands before a judge at the courthouse as Carlos and Jeanette Aguilar recount the harassment they've been dealing with. Dud opens up about how hard it's been for him and swears he’s in a better place now that he's entered Order of the Lynx. Carlos decides to drop the complaint, but balks when Dud tries to further smooth things over by inviting himself over for a barbeque. Jeanette pepper sprays him.

Dud visits a temporary employment agency, his eyes red from the pepper spray.

Ernie Fontaine listens to an audio book in his car. Herman Pola pulls up and retrieves an envelope with Ernie’s $2,000 inside.

Ernie plays golf on the course he and Larry frequent. The course marshal notices him and asks about Larry's condition. Ernie stiffens when he mentions a memorial bench "if anything happens."

Liz meets with a loan manager at the bank to discuss her debt. She mentions co-signing for her dad before he died and "left me with this mess." The loan manager warns that her $80,000 could be sold to a third-party collector if she doesn't catch up on payments.

Dud stops by Lodge 49, but no one's there. He calls and leaves a message.

At Shamroxx, Liz meets with her boss, Jeremy. Jeremy is promoting Karen to assistant manager although Liz has more experience. Liz thinks it's for the best since the bank will just garnish her wages. Jeremy also mentions he hired a new employee, who Liz will be training.

During a sales meeting at work, Ernie is informed that one of his clients, Mooch, was quoted a price that the team can’t actually honor. Ernie will have to meet with Mooch and deliver the bad news. Bob Kruger rewards Jeff Park with a boat trip for his work this year. When Ernie protests, he’s challenged to a push-up contest for a chance at the trip, but fails. He asks Bob about his commission check. Bob promises it'll come in soon.

Ernie meets with Mooch Coleman at his warehouse to negotiate, but Mooch doesn't budge. Mooch mentions the Orbis redevelopment and says everyone is waiting for Captain to "send up smoke signals." He calls the project the Holy Grail.

Liz shows Heather, the new employee, around. Heather excitedly mentions she's also finishing school so she can open a salon. She asks Liz about her life outside of work and Liz flatly tells her she’s only working at Shamroxx.

At the Lodge 49 tavern, members discuss Larry's worsening condition following his quadruple bypass surgery. Ernie admits he hasn't visited yet, but plans to go tomorrow. Scott suggests getting in touch with London to discuss possibly appointing a new Sovereign Protector. Ernie mentions Larry's decision to appoint him as successor. Scott, baffled, mentions "other worthy candidates." Ernie plans to call London himself. Blaise tells Ernie to also contact Dud before he loses interest.

Liz returns home from work and finds Dud on the couch. Liz learns Dud’s been given a restraining order for three years and wonders if it's time to have a funeral. Dud, furious, reminds her they don’t have a body and locks himself in her room. Liz yells at Dud to take responsibility for his life and kicks the door in.

Ernie phones Lodge 1 in London to discuss appointing a new Sovereign Protector. Jocelyn Pugh, the emissary in the London office, hasn't heard anything directly from Larry, but tells Ernie to expect a visit soon so the London branch can oversee the transition.

Jocelyn blindfolds himself and carefully makes his way to Melinda's quarters to update her on Lodge 49. He keeps his blindfold on during the conversation. Melinda puts him in charge of overseeing the transition.

Ernie and Dud meet up and chat about Dud's postulancy. They make plans to keep meeting and Ernie tells him to also get in touch with Blaise to learn more about the alchemy and philosophy aspects. If Dud shows dedication, he'll swear an oath as a Squire and be entrusted with "the mysteries." After the meeting, Ernie asks Dud if he will go visit Larry at the hospital in his place.

Dud heads to the library to check out a book to read to Larry at the hospital. The librarian makes small talk and Dud leaves smiling.

At the hospital, Dud reads The Prague Paradox to Larry. In a daze, Larry asks if the "true" lodge sent Dud. Connie enters. Larry calls out for Ernie and Connie informs him that Ernie is taking care of everything with London. Larry looks worried. Dud asks Connie about Larry's family and learns he only has the lodge.

Ernie tries to golf, but is plagued by the sound of crows nearby.

Liz counts her tip money then looks online at her loan statement.
While cleaning the kitchen, Liz sits inside of the refrigerator and closes the door. Dud returns home and Liz exits the fridge before he can see.

Dud tells Liz about Ernie, but her attention is on the television. She lights up when he mentions having a crush on the librarian he saw earlier. Liz thinks Dud is "rejoining the world" and suggests asking her out.

Ernie meets with Bob and suspects something is going on with Orbis. He wants to go after Captain and get with him on the deal. Bob doesn't think it's possible.

Dud returns to the library and attempts to flirt with the librarian, but freezes and walks away.

At Donuts, Dud looks out the window and rushes out when he sees Mr. Lang escorting a potential real estate client into the now-empty pool shop. When he learns the pool shop might be turned into a vape lounge, he unzips his pants and urinates on the shop floor.

At Shamroxx, Heather holds Jeremy's infant son, Floyd. She tries to pass him over to Liz for a second, but Liz flat out refuses. Heather returns Floyd to Jeremy, then runs out of the restaurant and takes off in her car.

At Lodge 49, Dud and Blaise analyze an allegorical painting of Lodge 1 and Harwood Fritz Merrill. Dud is fascinated by the metaphorical implications, but Blaise tries to get him to focus on the actual history.

Later, Dud offers to help set up the Throne Room for Bingo night but he’s underwhelmed when he sees the room’s dull appearance. Blaise thanks Dud for joining the order even with the $200 membership fee in place. Dud walks out.

As Liz sits in traffic, a man behind her honks, prompting her to get out of her car and pound on his window. It's the same man from earlier who was interested in the pool shop.

Dud drives to Carlos's house and starts to clean the pool in the backyard. He notices a ladder leaning against the house and climbs up to the roof, where he sees a vent. He reaches inside the vent and smiles as he pulls out an old pack of cigarettes with one cigarette left.

Dud heads to Ernie's office at the lodge and confronts him about the membership fee. Ernie promises to pay him back, but Dud tells him to keep it as his membership payment for the next 10 years. He demands to take the Squire oath early and wants a key to the lodge. Ernie obliges. Dud tells Ernie he feels alone in the outside world, but can "feel" what the lodge is.

Ernie and Connie go to the hospital to visit Larry, but he's checked himself out.

At home, Liz replays old voicemails from her dad. She cuts it short when Dud walks in. They sit on the couch and watch TV together in silence.