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Season 1, Episode 1

As Above, So Below

Dud is deposited by fate at the doorstep of Lodge 49, a fraternal order which offers cheap beer and strange alchemical philosophies.

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In Long Beach, California, Sean "Dud" Dudley, walks along the beach with a metal detector in one hand and a beer in the other. He finds a gold ring with a medieval beast etched onto it.

Ernie Fontaine walks out of his house with an air rifle and shoots at the crows gathered around.

Dud drives to a gas station in his yellow Volkswagen Thing and searches his junky car for loose change to buy gas.

Dud drives to a strip mall and takes a moment to look at the Dudley and Son Pool Supply store before entering Two Star Pawn, where Burt Semanza works. Dud uncovers the ring he found and wants to trade it in for a gold watch. Burt realizes it belongs to a Lynx, a fraternal order, but is worth nothing since it’s not real gold. Burt offers to open up another line of credit instead, but Dud balks at his expensive fees and storms off. Moments later, he comes to sell his metal detector.

Dud walks over to a donut shop, named Donuts, in the same strip mall. Alice Ba, who works at the shop, tells Dud his sister is looking for him and asks about his current living situation. Dud says he's living "in the past." Alice suggests he get back in the water, but Dud dismisses the idea.

Dud sits in his parked car, outside of a house that's being renovated. A teenager hands him a flyer which reads "Cash for Junk Cars." Dud crumples it up and tosses it. Carlos Aguilar walks out of the house and sees Dud. Dud drives off quickly.

At his marijuana dispensary shop, Blaise St. John finishes up a transaction with a customer. Ernie stops by to pick up a tincture to give to his cat. Blaise notices Ernie looks stressed. Ernie admits he's not sleeping properly and blames the crows in his neighborhood. Blaise thinks the crows are a sign of impending doom.

Ernie heads to Ken Boyle's office at Boyle Pipe & Supply to try to sell him plumbing supplies. Ken doesn't budge, but his ears perk up when Ernie mentions that the Orbis aerospace plant is planning to shut down. Ken's plumbers will need supplies for the last big redevelopment project and Ernie warns him to act fast before "Captain" does. Ken agrees to the sale.

Outside, Ernie makes a call and tells the listener that he's got a nice commission coming in, but begs for a couple of weeks to fully pay off his debt owed. The same teenager from earlier hands Ernie a flyer advertising cash for his car. Ernie crumples it up.

Dud sneaks into an empty apartment through the window, where he showers and tends to his injured foot. Later, he falls asleep and dreams of a snake coming towards him. When he wakes up, he hears people entering the apartment and hides in the closet. The property manager, Mr. Lang, spots a bottle of Jim Bean left out in the otherwise empty room and knows Dud is in the apartment. Dud reveals himself, in his underwear. The woman viewing the apartment, Beth, recognizes Dud as her homecoming date from her senior year. They make small talk and Dud admits he used to live in the apartment. When Tim announces himself as Beth's fiancé, Dud suggests they all celebrate together. Tim tries to get out of it, but Beth agrees. They plan to meet at Donuts.

Ernie golfs with Larry Loomis, who passes out during the middle of a game. As Larry is loaded into an ambulance, he tells Ernie that "the kid I told you about" is coming tomorrow.

Dud waits for Beth and Tim at Donuts.

At home, Ernie rubs Blaise's tincture into his cat's fur. On a call, he tries to get Connie to come over, but she’s concerned about her cat allergies and suggests meeting at a motel instead.

There's a knock at the door. It's Herman Pola, who Ernie recognizes. Herman takes Ernie's flat screen TV and warns Ernie to come up with the rest of the money he owes – $2,000 to be exact.

At the motel, Connie notices Ernie is a little off. He admits he made a few "dumb bets" last month and also laments over Larry's failed promise to "step down." Ernie has nothing to show for his life, but is grateful for his connection with Connie. Connie notices the time and hurries out.

Beth and Tim never show at Donuts. Dud tells Alice he owes his sister a few grand from when she paid off the loan he took from Burt. He wonders if there's another way to live life.

Dud sneaks into the backyard of the house he was watching earlier. Carlos and his wife, Jeanette, overhear and try to shoo him away. Dud insists they're living in "our" house and jumps into the pool.

In a flashback, a 10-year-old Dud plays in the pool with his twin sister, Liz Dudley, and their father, Bill Dudley. Before hopping into the pool, Bill takes off his gold watch – the same one Dud tried to buy at the pawn shop.

In the present, Carlos drags Dud towards him with a pool net. Jeanette kicks him in the face.

The next morning, Dud lies in the backseat of his car and reads a book. A newspaper clipping serves as a bookmark and reads "Long Beach Man Presumed Drowned." Dud looks up when he hears crows.

At home, Ernie lies awake in bed, listening to the crows.

Dud drives until his gas tank hits empty, forcing him to stop in front of a building. A military cargo plane flies above his head. Dud notices an iron lynx on the outside of the building that matches the ring he found earlier. Dud walks up to the building and knocks. It's Lodge 49.

Ernie opens the door and assumes Dud is a carpet cleaning employee who’s scheduled to clean the lodge today. Dud shows Ernie the ring he found and wonders what's inside the lodge. Ernie welcomes him in.

Inside, Dud stares at a wall of portraits of men and women in golden robes. He notices a set of double doors marked "Tavern" and a set marked "Throne Room." Dud swears he's been inside the lodge before and reaches for the Throne Room's doors.

In a vision, Dud sees a grand room with five gold thrones inside.

In the present, Dud is unable to open the locked door. He asks Ernie how to join.

Ernie takes Dud to the office and admits their membership numbers have been low, but warns it's not a "free for all." He hands Dud a pamphlet and invites him to an upcoming meeting. Ernie points at a photo of Larry and refers to him as the Sovereign Protector. Ernie says the membership fee is $2,000, but Ernie tells him not to worry about it right now. The carpet guy arrives at the lodge.

Ernie meets with his boss, Bob Kruger, and boasts about the order he brought in from Ken. He asks for the commission up front, but Bob can't do it. Ernie asks if Bob has ever met Captain. Bob insists they're both "too far down the food chain."

At Donuts, Dud skims through the Lynx pamphlet and tells Alice about his meeting. Liz enters, furious, with news that the family who Dud has been harassing has taken out a restraining order. Liz worries about Dud's recent behavior.

At Shamroxx, the restaurant where Liz works, Dud tells Liz about the Lynx lodge. He thinks it will "open doors" for him, but he needs a place to live in the meantime. Liz offers up her couch, though money is tight for her. She blames their dad for all the money she owes the bank.

Nearby, three middle-aged men drink and cheer. Liz recognizes them as Orbis employees and notes that the plant has officially closed. Dud promises Liz he's going to get their house and the shop back.

At the Lodge 49 tavern, Ernie tells the members he sees something in the carpet guy, Arturo, and doubts Dud will even show up. Larry returns to the lodge in good spirits after his hospital stay.

Later, lodge members gamble and drink. Ernie watches Connie kiss her husband, Scott.

At the bar, Larry tells Ernie it's time for "succession." Ernie asks if Larry has talked to London and made it official. Larry tells him not to worry.

Liz returns home and lights her bills on fire.

Dud and Liz eat dinner and watch TV together. Later, Dud recounts a story about a garage sale his dad took him to.

In a flashback, Dud and Bill stare into a full-length mirror that's for sale.

In the present, Dud remembers the feeling of wanting to jump into a "whole other world" and says it's the same feeling the lodge gave him. He’s determined to go back to the lodge.

The next day, Dud visits Burt to take out a loan for $3,000. Dud asks if Burt is worried about loaning him money, but Burt knows Liz will just bail Dud out. Dud curses Burt out and storms off. Seconds later, he returns and signs the paper work.

At Liz's apartment, Dud finds Liz's tip money and adds a $100 bill to it.

That night, Dud arrives at the lodge and heads to the tavern. Blaise assumes he's Arturo, but Dud corrects him. Dud wonders how he's never seen the lodge despite living nearby his whole life. Blaise says, "the kingdom is right in front of us." Ernie walks over wearing an official hat and sash, and is surprised to see Dud. Ernie wants to fetch Larry, but he's in the Sanctum Sanctorum, a room where only the Sovereign Protector is allowed.

Blaise tells Dud that if he returns, he'll undergo a probation phase as a postulant and work his way up to Squire, which would allow him to attend meetings and run a tab at the bar. Dud asks how to become a Knight and learns it comes from deeds and scholarship. Dud meets more members throughout the night. Scott jokes about running a background check on Dud. Dud admits the sheriff's office is looking for him, but everyone assumes he's joking and laughs.

Dud heads to the bathroom. Above each urinal is a tile with an image from the tarot. Dud looks up and sees he’s standing in front of "The Fool."

Dud exits the bathroom and sees Anita comforting Gil, who's crying.

Dud returns to the tavern and meets Larry, who asks Dud to introduce himself. Members gather around as Dud gives a long monologue of his life's story. Dud talks about the pool shop his dad owned, where he worked, and the surf trip to Nicaragua where he got bit by a snake and almost died. He also discloses that his father drowned during a surfing trip and his body was never found. He ends the story with recounting how he found the Lynx ring and was brought to the lodge. "It was fate," he says. The members propose a toast to Dud. Seconds later, Larry punches Dud in the face, then clutches his chest and falls to the ground.

As Larry is rolled out on a gurney, he can't recall hitting Dud. Larry tells Ernie they're not the "true lodge."

Dud and Ernie sit alone at the bar. Ernie apologizes on behalf of Larry. Dud uncovers his membership dues and asks for "a chance." The two have a shot together as Dud stares into the mirror behind the bar and smiles. Above the mirror sits medieval tapestry featuring a knight and his squire battling a serpent.