Season 1, Episode 8

The End of Cat Factory?

Leon brings about a reconciliation, which forces the gang to decide what's the most important; the gang must choose between money, the company or staying together.

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Full Recap

Leon cleans graffiti off a wall as part of community service.

From his new home, Josh loses himself in work on a new game.

Watto parties hard on his narrow boat with drug users.

At Idyl Hands, Ewan assumes his new position of power and takes over Leon's office.

At the grocery store, Abi grows frustrated with Josh's obsession with sales, but he insists he's just trying to be an "average couple."

At the office, Ewan has trouble making executive decisions regarding the Cat Factory sequel. Naomi asks about Watto, but Ewan hasn't heard from him in months.

Watto wakes up to discover his boat has been completely cleaned out.

Leon notices one of his community service workers playing Cat Factory 2 and deems it garbage. He mentions his arrest for getting into a fight with the man who stopped him from releasing the tiger at the expo. One of the workers notices his expensive watch and demands he give it up. Later, Leon roams around the huge house alone.

The next day, Leon stops by Josh and Abi's new place. Abi tells him that Josh is falling prey to stress. Leon heads upstairs to see Josh, but the conversation is short as Josh isn't happy to see him. After Leon leaves, Josh notices Leon's left his phone and picks it up to play Cat Factory 2.

Josh meets with Leon to rip on the new game. Leon suggests breaking into their old office and releasing a patch fixing some of the game's problems. Josh refuses but softens when he hears Watto hasn't been doing well. He agrees to help fix the game, but then plans return to his normal life.

Leon and Josh stop by Watto's boat. Watto yells at them for leaving him to his vices. Leon invites Watto to work on the new game. He accepts.

The Emperor video-calls Ewan to talk about his water-rendering software and inform him that some people will be coming to the office to meet with Ewan

The guys catch Ewan as he's leaving the office and share their hate for the game. Ewan tells them he's finally getting respect in his new role, but the guys convince him to join their cover efforts. Leon puts Josh in charge.

After an all-nighter, the guys approve of their new version of the game. Leon suggests going out to eat, but Josh isn’t interested. "What are we really patching here?" Josh aks.

Leon considers selling his helicopter and yacht to buy Idyl Hands from its current owners.

At the office, Casey warns Ewan that the people coming to meet him are from a defense and security company and want to use Ewan's software to designs missiles and weaponry. Ewan plays it cool during the meeting.

Josh returns home, and Abi praises the new sequel but worries about Josh not reconciling with his friends. Josh randomly proposes to Abi, but she suggests he rest.

Ewan looks over some documents and Casey explains he can cash out right now, per the terms of his earn-out, at 49.7 million pounds in cash. She brushes over the "moral ickiness" of the deal and hands Ewan a pen to finalize things. Ewan signs away.

Leon and Watto flag down Casey and demand Idyl Hands back, but Casey informs them Ewan's already sold out the company.

At Idyl Hands, employees cry and pack up their belongings. Watto invites the employees to follow him and Leon, though he admits they don't have a company or office yet.

Josh apologizes to Abi for his rash marriage proposal. After a meal, Abi notices she doesn't even reach for her wallet anymore when the bill comes.

Watto and Leon throw all of the Idyl Hands employees a party at the house. In private, Naomi checks in on Watto, who admits he took some cocaine recently. Leon debates calling Josh but decides against reaching out.

Abi decides she wants to move to San Francisco, alone, as she’s disgusted with her behavior and how Josh's money has changed her. Josh cries as she ends things.

Ewan arrives at the house, much to everyone's dismay. Leon allows him to stick around for the party. Ewan explains he only sold out because he thought Idyl Hands was over. Leon toasts to "new beginnings."

Watto tells Naomi he's going to start taking care of himself and asks if they can do it "together." Naomi smiles.

Casey calls Leon to announce she's headed to Beijing for a new project and offers Leon "another shot at this." Leon notices Josh outside the house and hangs up. Casey receives a call from the Emperor.

Josh informs Leon of the break-up and cries on his shoulder. As the guys console him in the garage, Josh says the money ruined everything – his parents, Abi and the team's friendship. Leon suggests they haven't lost their company but just "chopped down a tree" and suggests growing a new one together.

A police car pulls up outside, and Ewan immediately surrenders. He informs the guys that he destroyed his laptop in a microwave and erased his water-rendering software to screw over the missile company.

The guys watch the police take Ewan away and plan to hire a lawyer. Leon has an idea to get into the video game console business. Josh panics, but Leon assures him not to worry – he's already put some feelers out.