Season 1, Episode 7

The Expo

Reeling from a loss, Watto makes a disastrous plan; Watto decides to save the gang from the influence of their wealth.

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Full Recap

At Idyl Hands, a file uploads from Watto's computer to a file sharing site.

Meanwhile, Watto spray paints a mural in honor of Digby. Later, Naomi accompanies him to the bank where the two sit inside a room filled with his cash. He wonders if it was his possessions that killed Digby.

In a car, Casey and Leon talk about the upcoming games expo. Casey runs through the plan with him: Leon is to keep the Cat Factory sequel a secret from the guys and announce it at the expo in addition to Watto's game idea, which Casey calls a "gamble." Leon worries about hurting Josh.

Casey and Leon arrive at an airfield where Casey shows Leon a private jet that the Emperor is letting Leon borrow. She teases the luxurious life Leon can live if things go well at the expo.

At the expo, Josh frantically worries about the announcement. Ewan arrives with a confident attitude and new wardrobe. In private, Ewan suggests Josh come clean about investing in Abi's company, but Josh fears Abi’s wrath too much to tell her.

During set-up, Ewan asks to be on stage for the announcement. Leon dismisses him, and Josh promises to "think about it."

Leon tries to tell Josh about the sequel, but after Josh praises Leon's efforts in creating a new game on the group's terms, Leon is unable to admit what he knows. To boot, Josh gifts Leon with an old original Gameboy cartridge the pair used to carry around for good luck. Leon takes in the sentimental moment. Watto arrives with backpacks full of money and Josh worries about his erratic behavior. Watto tells the guys not to worry about anything as he's leaked their game online. "We're free!" he says.

Josh attacks Watto.

Out in the hall, Watto tries to convince the guys that money has changed them all. Leon, Josh and Ewan all express their disappointment in his reckless decision. Watto quits the team.

In the green room, the guys tell Casey about the leak, and she immediately blames Leon. After kicking Josh and Ewan out, Casey realizes they can just focus on the sequel now. She assumes Leon fired Watto and likes what her protege is becoming.

Watto gives Naomi a stack of cash and compares owning too much money to having a heroin addiction. He wonders how to get rid of it all.

Leon finds Josh and Ewan and informs them that Casey still wants to announce something. He convinces Josh to do the sequel, though he conveniently forgets to mention that Cat Factory 2 already exists. Leon informs Ewan that he won't be on stage because he'll be doing a private tech demo.

Leon plans to rent a tiger for the sequel announcement.

Ewan arrives at the location of his tech demo, but it turns out to be a tiny, grim room with only two people in attendance.

Naomi receives an alert about the upcoming Cat Factory 2 announcement. Watto fumes over his friends' addiction to money.

Ewan demonstrates a dynamic water-rendering engine that can also render blood spatter. The digital cartoon who gets shot looks similar to Leon.

Josh and Leon take the main stage and Josh is left suspicious at how detailed Leon's presentation is on such short notice. Ewan arrives on stage, insisting he has a right to be there. Watto and Naomi join the rest of the team on stage armed with T-shirt cannons and shoot money into the crowd. Josh accuses Casey of making the sequel ahead of the announcement, and Leon finally admits he knew about it. Josh angrily walks off. Watto looks on as the crowd breaks out into a full-scale brawl over the money.

In the green room, Casey is on the war path. She stands by her decision to keep the sequel from Josh, even as she sees how hurt he is.

Josh is finally fed up. He quits and leaves. Casey admonishes Leon, who toys with the idea of walking out. Casey suggests he stick it out and continue doing as she says so he’ll be entitled to his check for 29 million, the rest of the profit from the original sale of Idyl Hands.

After The Emperor receives word about Ewan's impressive water-rendering software, Casey offers to buy Ewan a drink.

Josh finds Abi and suggests moving out of the country. She accepts.

The security guards at the expo threaten to call the police on Watto and Naomi, but the guys manage to bribe them.

Ewan and Watto discover Leon's connection to the sequel. Josh announces his plans to move away with Abi right before attacking Leon for treating the team like tools. Ewan announces he's been promoted and is taking over Leon's office. Watto accuses the guys of not caring for him at all and walks off. Leon insists Josh wouldn't be where he is without him and alludes to Josh’s secret investment in Abi’s company. Josh comes clean to Abi.

After the fight fizzles out, the guys head their separate ways.

Ewan, already in control of Leon's office, also takes the Emperor's private jet.

Watto wonders how to fill his newly-acquired free time. Naomi suggests grabbing a bite to eat together, but Watto turns her down. He goes to the pub alone instead.

The tiger Leon rented arrives at the expo. Leon opens the cage.