Season 1, Episode 6

The Red List

It's two weeks from Expo, and the gang completes the first build of the game; an accident brings Leon and Casey to an understanding.

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Full Recap

Casey sits in the sauna, passively swiping on her phone. The guys ask for her thoughts on their new game – a racing game based on the streams of pressure washers, which Watto originated after accidentally taking LSD. Casey, not impressed, reiterates that they have only five days before the expo.

The guys head to the office while Leon laments the difficulty he's having impressing Casey. He stresses the importance of their demo and suggests Ewan handle the tech side while the rest of them take the day off.

At the office, Leon shares the news that the Red List has included him in their ranking of the top 100 most influential figures in media. Ewan balks over all the tangible work the others have done while Leon has only been directing everyone. While Ewan works away, Watto tries to latch onto Leon and Josh's plans to fill his free time, but they dismiss him.

At dinner, Abi denounces the credibility of the Red List to comfort Josh. She plans to attend a speed funding event to lure investors to her app. Josh offers to give her money instead, but she refuses.

Callum stops by the office while Ewan is busy working. He doesn't understand why Ewan allows himself to be his friend's doormat.

Watto wanders around alone, at a loose end and friendless, and unsuccessfully tries to invite a stranger to come fishing with him. Later, he finds a stray dog and decides to take it in.

Leon spends time with Casey on a golf course. He tells her about his inclusion on the Red List, but that's old hat for Casey, who has been part of the list several years running. Casey downplays his low ranking and assumes she'll make it in the top five this year. Leon accidentally clubs her in the face.

Casey observes her bloody nose and bruises at the hospital and curses Leon. She worries about how she'll look at the Red List party.

Abi and Josh arrive at the speed funding event. Josh decides to stay and look for investment opportunities.

At Idyl Hands, Callum demands Ewan confront Leon about not having an office himself. Ewan promises to do so.

At the funding event, Josh observes Abi's extended, flirtatious interaction with a businessman and confronts her. Abi admits the business may have been a little friendly and says it's just what "happens to women in business."

Watto brings his new dog back to the office. Naomi tells the guys that Casey didn't make it on the Red List this year and worries about her reaction. Leon squeals with glee and begs to break the news to Casey.

Ewan asks to use Leon's office while he's working. Leon assumes he's just trying to impress Callum and refuses.

Watto spends time with his new dog, which he's named Digby. Naomi points out that Digby's breathing sounds unhealthy and suggests getting him checked out.

Leon arrives at Casey's apartment to break the news to her about her omission from the Red List and rubs it in her face. Casey pretends she doesn't care. She grows weak from her injury and Leon comes inside to help.

A glass award arrives for Leon at the office. Callum opens it and suggests Ewan smash it. Ewan guesses it's acrylic and drops it. Callum is impressed by the bold gesture.

After learning Digby has only six months to live, Watto plans to allow him to live at the house until he passes away. Abi tells Josh she's landed the investor she met earlier. Josh balks that she's taking the money. Abi accuses Josh of not believing in her.

Casey plans to attend the Red List party with Leon.

Josh privately asks Naomi to set up a fake company so that he can secretly invest in Abi's venture himself.

At the Red List party, Casey drunkenly causes a scene and confronts Rachel, the woman who compiled the list. Rachel suggests Casey has peaked.

Leon mingles with a party guest who gossips about Casey. Leon defends her. The party guest suggests Leon himself is only on the list because of his race.

Ewan attempts to glue Leon's award back together, as Callum looks on, disapproving of Ewan's continued subservience to the other team members. Ewan grows tired of the constant criticism and kicks him out.

Abi tells Josh she's got a better investment offer -- Josh's shell company -- and thanks Josh for not getting involved. Josh plays innocent.

At the house, Watto finds Digby dead in the pool.

Leon finds Casey and suggests leaving the party. Casey says none of the winners made it on the list because of merit. She gathers the attention of the partygoers and dismisses the awards system. She and Leon make a dramatic exit.

Ewan finishes work at the office. After gluing Leon's award back together, he decides to smash it again.

Over late-night grub, Casey sincerely congratulates Leon for making it on the list. Leon receives an update on Ewan, who's finished the game. Casey says she has something to show Leon.

Josh, Naomi, Ewan and Abi comfort Watto, who is devastated that he allowed Digby to die rather than live a satisfying final six months.

At the office, Casey unveils a secret room full of coders working on Cat Factory 2. Leon's jaw drops in shock. "Welcome to the other side of the curtain," she says. Leon arrives home and keeps the news to himself.