Season 1, Episode 5

The Boat

When Leon takes the gang for a trip on his new yacht to focus on the new game, 24 hours of drugs, murder and sex follow.

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Full Recap

At home, Watto exercises inside a giant inflatable hamster ball, floating atop the pool. Leon fetches him for work.

The guys meet inside the Caravan to discuss a new game based on Abi's Vikings pitch. Leon demands they all cancel their weekend plans so they can work, but Josh, Watto and Ewan head out.

Abi and Josh sit down for dinner at the house. Josh admits he's enjoying the fact that Leon has taken the lead on the new game. Josh tries to make weekend plans, but Abi says she's busy. Josh is upset, but plays it cool.

Leon meets up with Casey and promises they're making progress on the game. Casey lets him know they'll be announcing the new game at an upcoming games expo in six weeks.

"The world is going to be watching," she warns. To offset the stress, Casey offers Naomi to Leon as a personal assistant.

Leon and Naomi go shopping for a yacht so they can get some work done in peace. The salesman talks him into buying a luxurious model.

Leon unveils the new yacht to the guys and Josh wonders what others will think of the purchase. Watto suggests taking it for a spin, but Leon admits he doesn't even have a license.

On the boat, the guys meet their personal crewman, Callum. Ewan is immediately attracted and makes eyes at Callum.

The guys fire up their laptops and get to work. Naomi apologizes to Watto for how things turned out with his mom, but he's comforted by the fact that she got her money in the end. Ewan awkwardly tries to flirt with Callum. The guys realize Ewan has a crush and give him some advice on not being weird.

Ewan heads downstairs and finds Callum in the kitchen. Callum boldly kisses him and Ewan returns the gesture.

Leon drops colorless liquid into his water bottle.

Naomi secretly video chats with Casey to provide an update on the guys' progress. Casey instructs her to steal the current build of the game and send it to her.

Josh tries to contact Abi, prompting Leon to admit he's hired a professional investigator to follow her and has discovered she’s still seeing her ex. Leon offers to share the investigator’s detailed report and Josh reluctantly agrees to read it. Out of sight, Watto downs the contents of Leon's water bottle.

A nearby yacht owner steps onto Leon's boat and assumes the guys are a forensics team as the previous yacht owner died on-board after shooting his wife. Leon notices a blood stain on the coach.

After their tryst, Callum assumes Ewan works for the other guys. Ewan plays along. Later, Ewan tells the guys to pretend like he’s their butler in order to fool Callum. Leon catches Naomi on his computer and realizes she's been spying on them for Casey. Leon asks her to tell Casey good things.

In the kitchen, Callum laments his financial struggles. Ewan pretends to relate and joins him when he spits in the guys' food.

Naomi calls Casey and talks up the game, but Casey realizes she's been compromised. Naomi tries to tell Leon that Casey bought her story, but Leon quickly realizes Casey knows the truth.

After speaking to Leon’s investigator, Josh decides to watch surveillance footage of Abi via drone.

Ewan serves food to the guys, but admits he’s spit in it. Meanwhile, Watto looks out on the water and swears he sees his mom on a small boat nearby. Naomi sees it's a Chinese man and tells Leon that Watto must be high. Leon discovers his water bottle is empty and tells Josh and Ewan that it had a tab of acid in it, which Watto drank. Leon explains he's been “microdosing" with LSD to boost his creative energy. The guys agree to act normally around Watto as to not send him over the edge.

Callum overhears Watto refer to Ewan as a millionaire and Ewan comes clean about his less-than-dire financial situation.

Josh watches Abi go into her ex-boyfriend's house and admits Leon was right. They hear a noise and realize Watto's turned the engine on. Up on the deck, Watto steers the yacht towards the small boat he believes his mother is on and ends up crashing.

The guys are stranded, while Watto takes a rescue boat out onto the water towards "his mom." The Chinese man listens as Watto bares his soul about his relationship with his mom. "I'm tired of chasing after you," he says. The man tries to kick Watto off his boat, but Watto pulls him in for a hug.

Callum serves Ewan a bowl of pasta that he's ejaculated into. Leon confronts Callum and tells him Ewan is a great guy.

Josh continues watches the drone footage and realizes Abi just went to get her stuff back from her ex-boyfriend. He calls her as he watches her in real time at his house. She admits she saw her ex-boyfriend and turned down his advances. Abi notices the drone in the garden.

Ewan apologizes to Callum for lying but realizes he's tired of apologizing for his money. Callum suggests a pub nearby and dives right off the yacht. Ewan protests, but eventually smiles and follows.

Watto returns to the yacht and tells Leon he feels like he's taken drugs. Naomi plays the game for Leon and expresses her disapproval. Just then, Casey calls. Naomi tries to quit her job, but Casey quickly talks her into staying by offering her a raise.

Leon tells Josh that they have to present at the upcoming expo and admits their game isn't good.

Watto power washes the deck and hallucinates. He screams when he realizes he has an incredible idea for a new game.