Season 1, Episode 4

Watto’s Mom

Watto's excited when his errant mother returns; Watto's mom seems oblivious to the boys' sudden fortune which arouses Ewan's suspicions.

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Full Recap

At the house, Josh and Abi play with air guns. Leon tries to get Josh's attention, but Josh has eyes for nobody but Abi. Later, Leon unveils a massive new swimming pool in the basement.

At Idyl Hands, Casey announces that the “Emperor,” her boss, is coming to London and wants to take the guys out for dinner. "Not Ewan or Watto," she clarifies. Josh suspects the Emperor will demand a Cat Factory sequel. Casey tries to assuage Josh's fears and assures him that the Emperor just wants to hear their pitch for a new game. She suggests bringing dates.

Leon finally finds time to break the news to Josh that Casey put Leon in charge of the game. Josh pokes fun at the idea of Leon being a boss, but Leon knows Casey saw something in him. Watto's mom, Pam, arrives with birthday balloons for Watto, though it's not his birthday and she doesn't know his age. Still, Watto is ecstatic to see her and introduces her to the guys. Pam suggests they all go out to the pub. The guys try to steer Watto clear of the pub, but he agrees to go.

While Pam and Watto grab drinks, the guys gossip about how Pam left Watto when he was young and suspect she's after money. Watto and Pam return to the table, and Pam acknowledges she’s been absent because of business ventures, which have made her a fortune. The guys are shocked that Pam has made a success of herself. Thrilled, Watto informs his mother that he too is now wealthy.

Leon brings two scantily-clad women into the office and gives Josh first pick at which one he wants to bring to dinner. Josh plans to take Abi. Leon worries Abi will come off as weird.

That night, Leon pressures Josh to come up with game ideas before the Emperor's arrival. He asks about Josh’s previous idea for a Viking game, but Josh dismisses it as he believes it promotes rape culture.

At home, Ewan grills Pam on how long she plans to stay around. Pam is unsure and brings up her business ventures again. Watto, attempting to keep his mother around, offers to invest in her business, but Ewan forbids it. Later, Ewan privately warns Watto about Pam. Watto recoils and curses him.

During sex, Josh laments to Abi about his struggle to come up with game ideas. "I've got all the responsibility but no power," he says. Abi suggests focusing on something worthwhile and says Cat Factory is a waste of people's lives.

Ewan watches Watto and Pam drink virgin cocktails, but Pam admits she's added a bit of alcohol. Watto doesn’t protest. Pam catches Ewan staring and sarcastically refers to him as Watto's "handler."

The next day, Watto excitingly digs into the packed lunch Pam made him. Naomi secretly removes the store sticker from his sandwich. Pam calls Watto with the news that she’s lost an investor.

Watto tells Ewan that Pam wants 100 grand from him. Ewan warns she's scamming him. Watto admits it's a possibility, but still treasures her affection. He tells Ewan to stop pushing him around.

Ewan approaches Leon and Josh and suggests they stage an intervention for Watto, but the guys advise against it. Casey pulls Leon aside for a game update and shows she's nervous about impressing the Emperor. She warns Leon not to leave his fate in Josh's hands and suggests climbing to the top by "treading on people's faces."

Ewan seeks out Naomi's help with Watto. Naomi worries and informs him that Watto is sending a car to Pam’s hotel tonight.

At dinner, before the Emperor arrives, Leon suggests Josh pitch Cat Factory 2. Josh again refuses, deeming it a lazy move, although they have no other ideas.

Ewan poses as a taxi driver at Pam's hotel but accidentally picks up the wrong woman. He offers her money in exchange for not calling the police to report a kidnapping. Meanwhile, Pam calls Watto and asks him to pick her up.

The Emperor, Leslie, arrives at dinner and Leon clumsily introduces himself as "the John Lennon of the group." Leslie promptly excuses himself. Casey arrives and notices Leslie seated at another table. She immediately blames Leon and Josh for offending him.

Pam goes over her business plans with Watto, while he instructs a driver to take them to his childhood home. He offers to buy the house from the new family that lives there so that he and Pam can live in it together again.

At dinner, Casey grows frustrated when the Emperor doesn't return to their table. Abi excuses herself to use the restroom but instead goes to talk to the Emperor. When she returns, she announces she's successfully pitched the Vikings game. Casey offers Abi a job, but she turns it down. The Emperor walks over and asks Leon's date to join him. She obliges.

Ewan confides in the woman he's picked up about his life. He admits he hasn't told his family about his money and that his mother doesn't know he's gay.

Casey walks in on Leon in the men's restroom and warns him not to disappoint her again.

Pam tries to talk Watto out of buying their old house. She admits she enjoys chasing business opportunities and will be leaving to China. She walks out.

At home, the guys comfort Watto.