Season 1, Episode 3

Josh’s Mum and Dad

Josh's parents return from their world trip two months early. It's changed their perspective on things, just not in the way Josh had hoped.

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Full Recap

The guys meet Casey at her hotel suite to discuss their new game. They pitch an old idea for a racing game set inside the human body, but Casey isn't impressed. She brings up Cat Factory stats and plans to make cuts within the company via a personnel audit. Her assessment will include the guys themselves.

At Idyl Hands, Naomi interviews the guys. Both Leon and Josh consider themselves the brain of the company. Watto draws a portrait of Naomi during his interview.

Josh receives a call from his dad. His parents are back from the world trip he's gifted them, two months early. Josh leaves. Watto receives a stack of packages and hides them around his work area.

In the bathroom, Ewan overhears Watto, an addict, talking to himself and assumes he's taken drugs, but Watto shows him the Toby Jugs he’s ordered for the new collection he's started.

During a meeting, Casey reviews office expenses and orders Ewan to cut three people from his coding team. After she expresses doubt over what Leon exactly does for the company, he calls the others "worker bees" and deems himself "Emperor Bee." Ewan isn't confident he can handle the firings and worries about Paula in particular.

Josh confronts his parents about ending their trip early. Linda, Josh’s mother, shows off a new set of teeth she bought while in Prague as well as a tattoo. Josh questions her erratic behavior and she admits she needs space from Josh’s father, Jeff. Josh thanks her for being honest, then pukes.

Josh returns to work and vents to the guys about his parents. Leon promises to talk to Linda.

Ewan speaks to Paula in private and attempts to fire her, but ends up offering her another bonus. Paula says she and her partner spent the last bonus on a bigger apartment because she's pregnant.

Josh tries to talk to Jeff about his rocky marriage. Jeff blames Josh for forcing them into such an intimate trip. Abi arrives with a bottle of gin.

Leon talks to Linda and tries to get her to see the great aspects about Jeff. Linda wonders what else life has to offer and expresses interest in Leon's helicopter.

Linda takes a ride in Leon's helicopter, where she admits she's always wanted to try cocaine. Leon makes her promise she'll go back to Jeff if he buys her some.

At home, Ewan and Watto lament about the company cutbacks.

That evening, Josh talks to Abi and toys with the idea of getting a mediator for his parents. They get to talking about their own failed relationship, but the moment is cut short when Jeff makes a commotion after being unable to open a can of salmon. Josh consoles him.

At a nightclub, Linda and Leon snort cocaine. Leon praises himself for solving a problem with an unconventional solution and plans to write a business plan to prove his worth to Casey. Linda catches the eye of a younger guy.

At home, Leon fervently works on a 30-year business plan. Later, the guys walk into Watto's bedroom and see his extensive inventory of various statues and trinkets. Watto assures he's not addicted and kicks them out.

The next day, Josh finds out about Linda's night out with Leon. Linda tells him she's discovering who she is and wants a divorce.

Naomi reads over Leon's business plan, which includes photos of Leon's face and emoticons. Leon tries to cover the decisions he made while high. Josh confronts Leon for his time with Linda and calls him useless. Josh tries to apologize, but Leon walks off.

Naomi brings a laptop to the conference room where Ewan conducts the firings via video chat. Paula notices Ewan is in the office bathroom and goes after him. She demands he fire her in-person, but Ewan hides in a stall and remains silent.

Josh encourages Linda and Jeff to sit down together for a meal, but Linda is unable to force it and declares it's over. Josh cries in his old bedroom.

Watto gathers everyone in the office and admits he's "addicted to stuff."

Leon drops by to see Josh and apologizes for not being able to save his parent’s marriage. Josh reminds Leon that he plays an important role within the team. "If it wasn't for you, I'd still be right here in this bedroom, broke and normal," Josh says. Josh deems Leon the most stable thing in his life.

Josh stops by Abi's house to work on an old game they started together.

Leon sits down with Casey and declares they should be expanding their company and thinking about the future, not firing good people. Casey commends him for his initiative and puts him in charge of the new game. Josh will have to answer to Leon.

That evening, Josh tells Leon he and Abi are going to rekindle their relationship. Leon informs the guys that they no longer have to fire anyone and Ewan realizes he'll have to now sit with his teammates that he let go. Watto destroys his collection of statues and the guys join in on the ruckus.

Watto wonders if he’s now addicted to smashing things.