Season 1, Episode 2

Leon’s Teacher

Leon's desperation to prove himself to an old teacher leads him into a moral dilemma. Josh hosts a charity event to impress ex-girlfriend Abi.

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Full Recap

Leon, hungover, stumbles out of his bedroom in the team's new house, where Josh, Watto and Ewan ride pocketbikes to get around the expansive mansion. Leon spots a letter from their old school. Josh has been invited to deliver an inspirational speech to the current students. Leon gasps at not being invited, but Josh doesn't plan on doing it anyway.

Casey stops by, unannounced and earlier than expected. "Party's over," she says.

At Idyl Hands, Casey pours a Champagne toast, but immediately makes them all dump the celebratory drinks out. She demands they get to work on a sequel to Cat Factory. Josh balks, but Casey is ready to "juice this franchise." Leon stresses that the guys need their freedom to be productive.

Leon arrives unannounced via helicopter at his old high school to talk to the current students. He shows off photos of his helicopter and dismisses the importance of getting a degree, citing the correlation between not having a degree and owning a helicopter. "Do what you want," he advises.

Josh waits for his ex, Abi, at a coffee shop and pretends to be surprised when he runs into her. He presents a gift for her birthday – a 3-D printing of her head. Greg, Abi's current boyfriend, approaches, and shares an awkward exchange with Josh.

After his presentation, Leon inquiries about Mr. Young, a former teacher who used to berate his work ethic. The head teacher informs him that Mr. Young has been off sick. Leon, upset that Mr. Young didn't see his presentation, demands the teacher's address.

At band practice, Watto's bandmates confront him about lyrics that rebuke corporate culture and point out the irony that Watto is, in fact, a millionaire. Watto insists he's not a sell-out, but the other members aren't sure if he's punk anymore. Watto packs up and leaves.

Leon stops by Mr. Young's apartment to relay his accomplishments. During his spiel, Mr. Young spoils Leon's triumph by mentioning that he has cancer.

At Idyl Hands, Josh searches online and reads about Greg's efforts to support a charity that fights Crohn's disease. To prove he's not jealous, Josh donates 60 grand.

Meanwhile, Casey takes over Josh's office, even though she's only in town for a few days.

After Mr. Young assumes Leon won the lottery, Leon takes Mr. Young in his helicopter to Idyl Hands, but Mr. Young remains unimpressed.

Josh walks in with a giant check and Mr. Young lights up as Leon looks on, jealous. Later, Leon admits to Josh that he's bothered by Mr. Young's lack of praise.

Ewan confronts Casey about her continuing to call him by the wrong name. Casey suggests Ewan earn her respect.

Josh arrives at a photo shoot to pose with Greg and the check. Abi invites Josh to a charity gala Greg is holding. Unfortunately, the venue is flooded, putting the event in jeopardy. Josh proposes holding the event at his house instead.

At Idyl Hands, Leon brings in a top oncologist. Mr. Young tells Leon that money can't help given the severity of his diagnosis. The doctor agrees. Mr. Young instead requests Leon send him to a euthanasia clinic.

At home, Watto rehearses with his new band – who he's paying to play with him. Afterward, he talks with them and is surprised to learn they charge extra for friendly chatter.

Naomi gives Ewan advice on how to get along with Casey and directs him in exercises to embrace his confidence.

That night, at home, Josh orders the guys to tidy up for the charity event since they're "having grown-ups over." Leon walks in with Mr. Young's euthanasia clinic pamphlet, and Josh warns that the gesture won't make him a good person. Leon reminds Josh that he's the one exploiting a charity to get Abi's attention.

As the charity gala is underway at the house, Josh gives Greg and Abi a tour. Meanwhile, Leon tells Mr. Young he's agreed to pay for his euthanasia. Mr. Young doesn't thank him.

Ewan shows off his newly-acquired confidence with Casey and mentions nearly earning a Ph.D. in Applied Computer Sciences. Impressed, Casey imagines creating a new game altogether instead of a Cat Factory sequel and cancels her flight so she can stay around indefinitely.

Greg introduces Josh as a multi-millionaire and takes a dig at his wealth in front of guests. Embarrassed about the spotlight, Josh takes a dig at Greg's vanity. Later, in front of everyone, Greg accuses Josh of making a donation only to win over Abi. Leon breaks the tension by pretending to choke on a check he's written for 61,000 pounds.

Leon tells Mr. Young about writing the "biggest check of the night" and deems himself the nicest person in the room. Mr. Young wonders why his approval is so important to Leon.

Josh finds Abi in the garage holding a samurai sword. She berates him for his behavior and declares she's not an "item" he can buy. Josh apologizes.

Leon takes Mr. Young to the cemetery where his father is buried and admits he can't get his desired respect from his father. On cue, Leon's hired barbershop choir appears and sings their rendition of "suck my balls" in front of the tombstone.

The next day, the guys find Casey still at Idyl Hands. Ewan admits he accidentally convinced her to stick around and they'll all be working on a new game together.

Later, Leon opens a letter from Mr. Young, thanking him for the "one-way ticket" and smiles.