Season 1, Episode 1


Following the sale of their company and its hit iPhone game Cat Factory, four friends and business partners realize that they're multi-millionaires.

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Full Recap

At home, Josh frantically calls his bank to check his balance after the sale of Idyl Hands, a start-up video game company owned by Josh and his three entrepreneur friends. An automated voice announces an overdrawn balance of 791 pounds and 34 pence. After a couple of attempts, his balance is updated to 14,578,324 pounds and 66 pence.

At a night club, Leon dons a Viking helmet and parties hard with Watto and Ewan. Meanwhile, Josh pukes into his kitchen sink.

The next day, the guys watch their hired barbershop quartet sing "suck my balls" to an investor that previously passed on them. Afterwards, they hop in Leon's new red Ferrari and head to Josh's parents' house.

Josh's parents, Jeff and Linda, serve Champagne and make sure to present an energy drink to Watto. Josh announces he's bought a new pair of jeans with his share of the money and presents a golden envelope to his parents. They assume he's paid off their mortgage, but Josh explains he's gifted them a three-month world trip to visit cultural sites. Leon throws in 50,000 pounds. Jeff and Linda embrace Leon as Josh looks on.

Josh receives an alert about technical difficulties with their Cat Factory app.

At Idyl Hands headquarters, Josh tries to address the app issues, but Watto jumps on a sofa and gives a dramatic thank you speech to his art department team. Ewan follows suit and thanks his fellow coders. Leon plans for a grand party at the office, but Josh instead offers beer in-house while everyone works.

Paula, a coder, asks Ewan why he gave a speech. Ewan reminds her that he's one of the four company co-founders and Paula realizes he's a millionaire now. Ewan plays down his achievements, then awkwardly offers her a bonus of 18,000 pounds.

Leon plans to take the marketing team out. Josh calls him the "least subtle millionaire since the Monopoly Man" and worries that Casey – the new American owner of the company – might find out about them slacking.

Josh calls Abi, his ex-girlfriend, and invites her to lunch. She accepts.

The next day, at the guys' shared apartment, Leon enjoys a bath filled with Dom Perignon. Josh joins and they toast.

The doorbell rings. It's a courier. Watto has been served.

At the office, Watto explains they're being sued by Ross Muttock, an old friend, for copyright infringement. Naomi, Casey's assistant, walks in to fetch Josh and Leon for a video conference with Casey. She tells Ewan he doesn't need to join.

In Josh's office, via video chat, Casey angrily addresses the lawsuit and demands they meet with a lawyer.

Before meeting Casey's lawyer, Leon takes the guys to check out a posh house and suggests they buy it. Josh admits he's considering getting his own place.

The guys arrive at a legal office, where Josh mentions lunch plans with Abi. Leon warns him not to get attached. Ross's lawyer refers to Ross's cat tattoo, which pre-dates Cat Factory and looks similar to Watto's game art work.

Off to the side, Watto insists he didn't steal the art, but admits that 2009 was "a bit of a heavy one." Casey's lawyer suggests paying Ross off to avoid a trial. Josh leaves to meet Abi .

The guys return to the table to offer a settlement, but the opposing lawyer demands artistic credit and a percentage of future royalties as well. Leon immediately refuses and plans to go to court.

At lunch, Abi and Josh talk about old times. Abi cites Josh's inability to have fun as the reason they broke up. Josh insists he's changed, but Abi bluntly states she's sleeping with another man.

Josh excuses himself to check his messages. He hears an update on the lawsuit.

At the office, Paula informs Ewan that she told another employee to expect a bonus and Ewan reluctantly offers them 18,000 pounds. As other employees overhear, Ewan continues to offer bonuses to everyone including the sandwich lady.

Naomi finds Watto and suggests a trip to the pub is in order to deal with his stress. Watto mentions struggles with substance abuse.

Josh reprimands Leon for not taking their lawyer's advice. Naomi enters to fetch Leon for a private video conference with Casey.

Casey instructs Leon to fire Watto. Leon promises to take care of the situation.

Leon tells Josh and Ewan about Casey's request. They wonder where Watto is and Naomi mentions her pub recommendation. The guys rush out.

The guys find Watto on his narrow boat. He's purchased 300 pairs of Birkenstocks sandals, but assures he's still sober and needed "a different way of filling that hole." An idea comes to Leon.

The guys drive to Ross's house and Leon offer his Ferrari and 20,000 pounds in exchange for him dropping the lawsuit. After Ross refuses, Leon douses the car in gasoline and takes out a lighter. He threatens to light the car on fire before ever letting Ross win. Ross agrees to the exchange.

That night, Casey calls Leon, who assures the situation is handled. Casey still plans to come to the U.K. in two days.

Watto laments about the struggles of being rich, but Leon suggests just sticking together as a team. Josh toys with the idea of them purchasing the house they saw earlier. Leon is relieved, as he's already purchased it.

The next day, Leon travels to the home of a banker who previously denied the guys a loan. The banker's son answers. Leon asks him to pass on a message as the hired barbershop quartet sing their rendition of "suck my balls."