• Josh is the ringleader and moral compass of the group. Riddled with insecurities, he makes decisions driven mostly by a deep sense of worry and anxiety. Out of the four, he’s the one most affected and most tortured by the money, and most aware of how differently he’s perceived by his peers. His relationship with ex-girlfriend Abi defines his series arc as he desperately tries to negotiate their complicated relationship through the millionaire’s prism. As he becomes increasingly fixated on her and his relationship with Leon fractures, an opportunity to leave it all behind may make Josh walk away from the gang forever.

  • Jim Howick is a BAFTA-winning actor and comedy writer, well-known for his work in Channel 4’s Peep Show and Horrible Histories for the BBC. He co-created and starred in the hit series Yonderland, which recently finished its third season. Howick starred in the lead role in the three-part comedy thriller Stag for BBC2, directed by Jim Field Smith, and starred in the E4 series Aliens, alongside Michael Socha and Michaela Coel.