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Popular Mechanics Explores the Tech Behind Sci-Fi’s “Big Questions” in New Digital Series

In James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, the famed director brings together big names like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver and more to explore how science fiction film, television and books answer the “big questions.” And the biggest question of them all might be: Are we alone in the universe?

While the new documentary series looks for answers in science fiction films, television and books, Popular Mechanics has partnered with AMC and James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction to look for answers to the shows’ questions in practical modern science.

In the first edition of a a new digital series inspired by AMC’s docu-series, Popular Mechanics explores the founding and history of SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. From its meager, contentious beginnings to its current status as a pop culture mainstay, the article features interviews with SETI researchers, NASA analysts and more to get to the core of the advancements in science and technology that have served SETI’s mission to discover alien life.

Click here to read more about the history of SETI and the technology behind the search for aliens, plus more deep dives into the most intriguing themes of science fiction.

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