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The Cast and Creators Wrap Up Into the Badlands

Sunny has come a long way since his days as Quinn’s Clipper in Season 1.

“The Sunny arc in the series is really one that’s very interesting,” says Executive Producer and Co-Creator Miles Millar. “He starts off as almost a robot. He’s been a trained killer, and by the end of the series, he is a father, a warrior, a leader.”

“This back half of Season 3 for Sunny was really the peak of his story arc,” adds Daniel Wu. “It’s him coming from a low place and to deal with his nemesis and to save not just the people around him, but really save the world.”

Wrapping Up the Series Finale

But Sunny isn’t the only one who has gone through a major transformation in the Badlands.

“The Widow also has an interesting journey, because when we first meet her in Season 1, she’s almost presented as the villain. The final season is really about her understanding the nature or power, the nature of leadership,” says Executive Producer and Co-Creator Al Gough.

Plus, the cast and creators discuss M.K.and Bajie’s arcs, and the larger themes of the show. Click here to look back on the series that redefined martial arts in television.

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