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(SPOILERS) Cast and Creators on the “Father-Daughter” Battle Between Nix and Pilgrim — Inside Into the Badlands Episode 15

When Pilgrim corners Nix at the Widow’s Sanctuary, she draws her swords and says, “This is for Castor.”

“The episode starts off with this epic battle between Nix and Pilgrim, and it’s really a father-daughter battle,” says executive producer and co-creator Miles Millar.

“She sort of has accepted it’s a sacrifice before she does it. She pretty much knows she’s gonna die,” explains Ella-Rae Smith, who plays Nix.

Inside Episode 15

“It’s brutal and it’s hard to watch, but I think at that moment you understand the menace that is Pilgrim,” adds Millar, “From this moment forward, you hate him”

Plus, the cast and creators discuss the final reconciliation between Sunny and the Widow, and why Bajie wants to team up with the Black Lotus. Click here to go inside the episode.

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