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(SPOILERS) Cast and Creators Break Down the Into the Badlands Series Finale

Sunny has gathered a group of master warriors to fight against Pilgrim — but the final battle against Pilgrim and his new legion of Dark Ones will be the toughest one yet.

“The last half of the episode is really one big battle. We really wanted it to be the battle to end all battles,” says Executive Producer and Co-Creator Miles Millar. “What it comes down to is Sunny versus Pilgrim. It really is a master class in fight choreography,” adds Millar.

Inside the Series Finale

But the battle between these two brothers is bloody and brutal. “He kinda knows deep down inside it could be a lost cause and that he may not come out of this. And so I think he’s really come to terms with the fact that he’s going to sacrifice,” says Daniel Wu.

After being stabbed by Pilgrim, Sunny nearly gives in. But Bajie’s support gives him enough strength to finish the fight.

“We really wanted a moment where Sunny and Bajie work together to finally take down Pilgrim,” explains Executive Producer and Co-Creator Al Gough.

When Sunny launches himself off of Bajie to land the final blow, Nick Frost says of Daniel Wu’s performance, “It was like watching a Kurosawa movie, but watching it live.”

“It’s the most cinematic moment we’ve ever done,” adds Gough.

Plus, the cast and creators discuss Tilda’s sacrifice for the Widow and that cryptic final scene. Click here to go inside the final episode.

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