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Syfy Interviews Lewis Tan; Seat 42F on Daniel Wu Talking Sunny’s Arc

This week, Syfy Wire interviews Lewis Tan about Gaius’ arc, while Seat 42F gets Daniel Wu’s comments on Sunny’s evolution. Plus, Screen Rant has theories about the Black Lotus. Read on for more:

• Lewis Tan tells Syfy Wire that viewers will see more of Gaius and the Widow and “we will understand some new dynamics, and we will see more of that storyline. Plus Gaius is deeply in love with her.”

• According to Seat 42F, Daniel Wu explains that Sunny’s “arc has changed so much over these four seasons. So it’s been an incredible ride and so much fun to work on because of that change. It’s not like a network serial where the characters are exactly the same, every single episode, no matter who dies or whatever.”

Screen Rant theorizes that last week’s episode “may have just revealed the real villains of the series; it’s possible that the Black Lotus are Into the Badlands‘ true antagonists.”

• South Africa’s Channel 24 interviews Orla Brady, who teases that the martial arts genre is partly “about finding yourself and about personal morality and Lydia is attempting to behave and respond authentically to what’s happening around her.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 3, Episode 12, “Cobra Fang, Panther Claw,” check out Den of Geek, Hidden Remote and Syfy Wire.

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