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(SPOILERS) Inside Into the Badlands Episode 13 — The Cast and Creators On What Pilgrim’s Dark Ambitions Mean for M.K.

In Episode 13, Pilgrim tries to appeal to the dissident novices that the Master had turned into Sleepers, while she tries to point out his deepening corruption because of his dark Gift. In an effort to bring them into his fold, he tries to turn them against the Master. “Like any good villain, there’s a lot of truth to what he’s saying. These people who have been needled were victims,” explains executive producer and co-creator Al Gough.

Inside Episode 13

When the Master finally regains the upper hand and almost defeats Pilgrim, he’s vulnerable for the first time since getting his gift — until M.K. stabs her in the back. “It’s M.K. proving his trust to Pilgrim with taking out the Master. And I think he also shows he has what it takes to make that final kill,” explains Aramis Knight, who plays M.K.

As the Master dies, Pilgrim embraces M.K. and calls him his son. “When the final bit of humanity is scrubbed out of M.K. is when this person comes in and says, ‘I love you and you’re my son,'” explains Gough. Can M.K. ever come back from this, and what’s more: does he want to?

Plus, the cast and creators discuss Sunny’s contentious reunion with his sister, Kannin, and learning about Azra’s dark legacy. Click here to go inside the episode.

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