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(SPOILERS) How Pilgrim’s Quest for Vengeance Comes With a Cost — Inside Episode 14

In Episode 14, the Widow baits Pilgrim into attacking her land — but she has a plan.

“It’s a gambit that the Widow puts out there, which is, ‘Let’s bring the fight to us,'” says executive producer and co-creator Al Gough.

Inside Episode 14

Up against Pilgrim’s army of Dark Ones, the Widow pulls off meticulously timed assaults against his seemingly unstoppable force. “First it seems like it’s going their way,” says Gough, “and then it doesn’t.”

Though the Widow eventually flees with Gaius and Tilda, Pilgrim’s been sufficiently surprised. “Pilgrim takes on losses, too. It’s his hubris. M.K. warns him that this is what the Widow’s doing.”

With many of his soldiers killed and M.K. horribly burned, Pilgrim is forced to reckon with the fact that his army is not all powerful. “He wins, but what was the cost for him, as well?” asks Gough.

Plus, the cast and creators discuss the fatal fight between Lydia and Cressida. Click here to go inside the episode.

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