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Lewis Tan Explains Gaius to Nerdist; Hypable Interviews Sherman Augustus

This week, Lewis Tan explains Gaius Chau to Nerdist, while Hypable interviews Sherman Augustus. Plus, TV Overmind tries to predict which cast members are poised for success. Read on for more:

• Lewis Tan explains to Nerdist that Baron Chau has set Gaius free “in order to send him on an assassination mission, and that’s where his story begins…He has a lot of backstory that ties in with all the characters of Into the Badlands.”

• Sherman Augustus, speaking with Hypable about Moon’s new hand, says, “You’ll see that the hand, of course, has darts, and it has a dagger and a short sword, so I do get to work two swords at once, and that’s really fun. It evened me out a little bit, so I was like, ‘Okay, two swords. That’s cool.’ And I wasn’t so off balance.”

TV Overmind, saying that Into the Badlands has “only gotten better with the progress of the seasons,” tries to predict which cast members “will have the most success after the series.”

Syfy Wire interviews Lewis Tan, who explains that Gaius “hasn’t been in the world and interacting with people, and he’s going to have to find his own footing in this place where everybody else is kind of lost.”

• Lewis Tan tells Backstage that Into the Badlands is “like filming six different movies back to back. We shoot in blocks of two, two episodes per director. It’s taught me a lot about adapting to different directors’ styles. It’s taught me about creating character arcs over time, and when to put that arc there and timing [it] with regard to the story.”

• Speaking with, Lewis Tan calls Into the Badlands “the best martial arts drama on TV, in my opinion. I was very excited to work with legends like Master Dee Dee, and Stephen Fung and Andy Cheng. I am a big fan of their work on Kill Bill, The Matrix, Rush Hour.”

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