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Why Sunny’s Haunting Vision Has Him Headed Towards Tragedy

In Season 2, Episode 7 “Black Heart, White Mountain,”  Sunny suffers from the effects of Cyan’s deadly Hand of Five Poisons attack. Now, he’s stuck in a dream where he’s confronting the demons from his past. “[Sunny] must ultimately face the sins of his past before he can have the life that he really wants,” says Executive Producer Al Gough in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go ‘Inside Season 2, Episode 7 With the Cast and Creators

In Sunny’s vision, he’s living the life he’s been trying to work towards, surrounded by Veil and his son, but “the reality of being a Clipper haunts this idyllic dream,” says Executive Producer Miles Millar. No matter how hard he tries, it seems Sunny can’t outrun his transgressions. “He’s put in a vulnerable situation,” explains Daniel Wu. “It’s very metaphorical and a representation of ‘Can you really escape that past?'”

Click here to watch the full video and see what’s haunting Sunny in his vision. Plus, the cast and creators on why Jade stands up against Quinn and how Bajie finds a new novice in M.K.

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