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(SPOILERS) Cast and Creators on How the Season Finale Changes Sunny’s Life Forever

After being imprisoned, betrayed and put through the ringer during fight after fight, Sunny finally makes it to the Badlands and finds Quinn’s bunker to rescue his family. “This is what Sunny’s been driving at for the whole season – to face off with Quinn and get the ultimate revenge,” Daniel Wu says in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside the Season 2 Finale With the Cast and Creators

“It’s father [versus] son, warrior versus warrior, mentor versus mentee,” Executive Producer Miles Millar says of Sunny and Quinn’s final battle. Adds Executive Producer Al Gough: “There’s something incredibly primal about that fight.”

Nathaniel Moon warned Sunny not to go back – for Veil’s sake – and in the end, Sunny rescues his child but loses the love of his life after Veil sacrifices herself to kill Quinn. “It’s so touching and very true to the person that Veil is,” Madeleine Mantock says. Now, Sunny is faced with a whole new set of challenges. “Everything that he’s been fighting for this season just gets washed away in that one moment,” says Wu. “Now he’s got to face the world with this newborn child. Can he protect this kid? Can he be a father?…All these questions get raised.”

Click here to watch the full video and hear from the cast and creators discuss how the Season Finale changes Sunny’s life forever. Plus, go inside the Widow’s plans for M.K. and how Bajie’s actions raise new questions for Season 3.

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