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The Cast and Creators on How the Widow Was Saved by Quinn’s Surprise Return

In Season 2, Episode 4 “Palm of the Iron Fix,” the secret’s out about Quinn’s survival — much to Ryder and the Widow’s dismay — but his interruption of the conclave might be a good thing… at least for the Widow. “She’s only saved when Quinn and his Loyalists actually crash the party,” Executive Producer Al Gough says in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Season 2, Episode 4 With the Cast and Creators

After the other Barons rule that the Widow’s raid on the oil fields violated the Foundation Treaty, the Widow is stripped of her title and ordered out of the Badlands. But The Widow won’t leave without a fight. “The Widow has entered a snake pit,” Emily Beecham says. Outnumbered and without her Butterflies to back her up, “it’s probably the most frightening situation she’s faced,” Beecham adds.

When Quinn shows up and orders his men to kill everyone, though, all eyes are off the Widow and focused on surviving the subsequent bloodbath. Quinn’s return may have thrown everyone in the Badlands into a tailspin, but it may have also just saved the Widow’s life.

Click here to watch the full video and hear more about why the Baron conclave is the Widow’s biggest test yet. Plus, the cast and creators break down Quinn and Ryder’s bloody reunion and Veil’s desperate attempt to escape Quinn’s bunker.

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