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Geeks of Doom Ranks Badlands Among TV’s Best; Hypable Talks to Daniel Wu

This week, Geeks of Doom declares that Into the Badlands is one of TV’s best shows, while Hypable interviews Daniel Wu. Plus, Wu speaks with Screen Anarchy. Read on for more:

Geeks of Doom declares, “Into the Badlands, one of the best shows on TV, features eye popping visuals, stunning battles and great characters.”

• Daniel Wu tells Hypable, “When you’re doing a show like this and there’s going to be dozens and dozens of fights over the whole entire run of this show, you’ve got to make a good variety of different fights and make them interesting and different.”

• Looking further into Season 2, Daniel Wu shares with Screen Anarchy, “Episode 10 is my favorite, it pushes to that final crescendo at the end. Episode 10 is just an amazing episode. My second favorite episode is episode 7, I don’t like to give too many spoilers: it’s very existential – not within the tone of the show but still within parameters of the show.”

Screener proclaims that the most recent episode “not only delivers the season’s most epic fight scene yet, the elusive Baron Quinn (Marton Csokas) makes a play to win back the Badlands — and it is glorious.”

• For more recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 4, “Palm of the Iron Fox,” check out Den of Geek, IGN, Nerd Reactor, SyFy Wire and TV Fanatic.

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