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Extras for Episode 4 of Into the Badlands

Ready to go deeper into the fourth episode of Into the Badlands? Don’t miss….

Episode 4 Extras

Episode 4 Photos
Video: Anatomy of a Fight
Video: The Cast and Crew Take Fans Behind the Scenes of Episode 4
Video: Talked About Scene
Video: Sneak Peek of Episode 5
Q&A with Alexia Ioannides, who plays Tilda, the deadly Butterfly working in service of The Widow

Season 1 Editors’ Picks

Discover how Sunny got his first kill tattoos in the latest issue of the Digital Comic Book.
Video: See why the critics are calling Into the Badlands “a badass post apocalyptic mix between Mad Max and Kill Bill”
Read how one lowly Cog became the most powerful Baron in the Badlands in the first issue of the Digital Comic Book
Explore the world of Into the Badlands with the Interactive Infographic Guide
Into the Badlands teams up with Vsauce3 to find out what would happen if you were Shoryukened
• Discover how the cast trained for the action-packed fight sequences that Deadline says “does the legacy of Bruce Lee proud” in these Fight Camp webisodes: The Master, Creating Real Kung Fu and Bringing It All Together
The cast and crew takes you behind-the-scenes of how they built the lavish post-apocalyptic world of the Badlands in this video

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