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Business Insider Ranks Badlands One of 2015’s Best; Finale Draws 3.6 Million

This week, Business Insider ranks Into the Badlands as one of 2015’s best shows, while TheWrap reports that the finale attracted 3.6 million viewers. Plus, Sunny vs. The Widow is one of IGN‘s great TV fight scenes this year. Read on for more:

Business Insider considers Into the Badlands one of 2015’s best shows, describing the drama’s world as “one of the most thoroughly thought-out settings in TV, and just as beautifully shot.”

TheWrap reports that the Season 1 finale had 3.6 million viewers, calling that number “a positive sign for the martial-arts drama.”

IGN ranks Sunny vs. The Widow one of 2015’s great TV fight scenes because “it was one-on-one and it was a much-anticipated clash between two major characters. Oh, and it was awesome.”

Hypable advises that “if you like a little fight in your television shows, just know that Badlands is doing the best they can to keep the sequences visually interesting while also paying homage to the craft.”

Cinema Blend reports that AMC was one of three cable networks that saw ratings growth in 2015, on the back of shows like Into the Badlands, The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and Fear the Walking Dead.

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