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Quinn Gets His First Kill in the Into the Badlands Digital Comic Issue #1 Conclusion

While riding to Dr. TKNAME’s house in Episode 2, “Fist Like a Bullet”, Quinn tells Sunny about his first fight in the pits against the Fort’s largest Colt, Roman. “I snapped that boy’s neck in ten seconds flat,” Quinn brags. You’ve heard the story of his first kill, now see it for yourself in the brutal conclusion to Pole of a Falling Star, Issue #1 of the Into the Badlands digital comic. Written by Into the Badlands co-producer Matt Okumura with interior art by Steve Ellis and cover art by Leinil Yu, this origin story traces Quinn’s rise from a replaceable Cog who witnesses his father’s brutal murder to the preeminent Baron who knows all too well that true power is never given — it’s taken.

Click here to read Part 2 of Quinn’s story, then come back this Wednesday, November 25 to read Issue #2, which delves into Sunny’s bloody backstory.

Click here to read the Into the Badlands digital comic from the beginning.

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