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Season 3, Episode 8

Leopard Catches Cloud

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Pilgrim's Fortress, only to face an angry M.K.; The Widow enlists Gaius; Moon and Lydia rally the troops.


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At the Abbot Monastery, the Master meditates in silence. Suddenly, she senses danger. "It has begun," she says.

At the fortress, M.K. tells Nix she must recall a painful memory in order to use her gift without cutting herself.

A group of new refugees arrive at Pilgrim's excavation site. Bajie and Sunny are among them along with Henry, whose sickness is returning. M.K. spots Sunny and immediately rushes him, forcing him into a fight. Sunny doesn't want to hurt M.K., but the boy channels his chi power on command and kicks Sunny, sending him flying into the nearest building.

Armed with his dark power, M.K. goes full force against Sunny and mercilessly strangles him. Pilgrim interferes and shuts M.K.'s gift down. Pilgrim welcomes Sunny as a brother and greets him as "Sanzo." He tells Sunny it's been a long time.

That night, Cressida tends to Sunny's wounds from the fight. She wonders how Sunny can't remember his own name if he's the one who summoned them. Bajie interjects, claiming responsibility for sending the signal. Pilgrim is baffled that Sunny doesn't remember him. Bajie quietly advises Sunny not to trust Pilgrim.

As Pilgrim shows Sunny around the fortress in private, he places a hand on Henry's forehead, causing the sickness to retreat. Pilgrim recalls growing up with Sunny and says they were "chosen" to bring peace to the world. Pilgrim explains how the Black Lotus found Azra and slaughtered its people, but he was able to escape because of Sunny and Sunny's sister, Kannin, who he hasn't seen since the massacre. Pilgrim removes his hand from Henry's forehead and the sickness returns. Pilgrim can control the Gift, but he can't cure it alone. He promises that, with Sunny's help, they can become gods and save the world.

At the Sanctuary, the Widow reflects on the rebellion by the mutineers and realizes she must put her own life on the line to truly end the war. She plans for Moon and her clippers to storm the frontlines while she, Gaius and Tilda infiltrate White Bone Manor to go after Chau. She questions if Gaius would kill his own sister when the time comes. Gaius says he obeys no Baron, but swears he would do anything for the Widow. They share a passionate kiss.

Diggers continue working at Pilgrim's excavation site and hit metal in the ground. They fetch Pilgrim and Cressida.

Pilgrim and Cressida stand in awe above the top of an ancient steel chamber, jutting up from the ground. Pilgrim calls it the birth place of Azra.

Pilgrim opens the entrance and the two explore the cavernous space down below, full of ancient symbols and machines lining the walls. He recognizes it as the Meridian Chamber. Cressida uncovers a slot for Pilgrim's Azra compass and the space slowly starts to brim with light and activity, but they still need Sunny, the catalyst.

In Moon's quarters at the Sanctuary, Moon tells Lydia he'll be leading both his clippers and Lydia's in the charge against Chau. Though she won't be engaging in battle, Lydia plans to command her own people. If the Widow doesn't survive, people will need a new Baron who shows solidarity. Moon admires her strategy. He realizes it could be his last night alive. They embrace.

The next day, the Widow gifts Lydia with a crossbow and thanks her for believing in the cause. Lydia says she believes in people, not causes. Lydia says she looks forward to celebrating their victory together.

Moon and Lydia ride out on horseback towards the frontlines.

At the fortress, Cressida senses suspicion in Bajie. He admits he only sent the signal because he was manipulated by a cheat into doing so. He notices ancient documents around the room and asks about the Meridian Chamber. Cressida is surprised to learn he can read the language of Azra and she explains it's where the Ancient Ones first unlocked the gift five hundred years ago - the same time when the world was destroyed. Bajie realizes Pilgrim's intention is to control the power of the gift himself.

Sunny finds M.K. and apologizes for not saving him from the Widow. M.K. confronts him for killing his mother. Sunny insists he was a mindless killer at the time and tries to soothe him. Nix listens to their conversation. M.K. nearly storms off but Sunny stops him and asks if Pilgrim can be trusted. "Everything Pilgrim promises comes true," M.K. says. "Good and bad."

Bajie finds Sunny and tells him about the power of the chamber. He warns against helping Pilgrim and promises to find help for Henry another way, but Sunny has made up his mind.

Chau's clippers inform her of the incoming forces at the frontlines.

In the acolyte's camp, Bajie finds a trunk full of explosives and plans to blow up the chamber. Sunny and Pilgrim catch him before he can do so.

Moon and Lydia sit atop their horses, surrounded by a vanguard, a short distance from the frontline. They watch as their army takes one last stand against Chau's. Moon instructs Lydia to hold the line no matter what, to prevent Chau's army from getting to the Sanctuary, and he rides out to join the battle.

Amid battle, Moon swings his ringed sword relentlessly against his enemies, dodging fire from explosives as he goes.

A wave of Chau's forces advances toward her, but Lydia holds the line.

Moon is hit by an arrow and falls off his horse. He slashes his way through the enemy lines, but becomes surrounded by Chau's clippers. Lydia watches from afar as Moon falls to his knees. Before one of Chau's clippers can deliver a fatal blow to him, she rides forward and uses her crossbow to kill the would-be assailant. Moon leaps onto Lydia's horse and they ride off into safety. Chau's clippers begin to retreat.

The Widow, Gaius and Tilda travel through secret tunnels and make it close to Chau's mansion, but spot too many guards surrounding the place. Gaius offers to handle Chau alone, but the Widow forbids it. They continue on.

Lydia brings Moon back to a mobile command tent where she realizes she's been severely wounded. She begs Moon not to let her die as they have too much work left to do.

In the Meridian Chamber, Bajie is restrained and forced to watch as Sunny, Pilgrim and Cressida prepare to activate the machinery. Bajie makes one final plea, but it's useless. Sunny and Pilgrim place their compasses into the necessary slots and the entire chamber begins to come to life.

Inside White Bone Manor, Tilda takes on Chau's guards while the Widow and Gaius search for Chau. When they spot her, her regent, Otto, attacks Gaius, leaving the Widow to face Chau alone.

The Widow and Chau battle it out one-on-one until Chau leads her into a room filled with clippers pointing crossbows at the Widow. Chau tells the Widow she's nothing but a "personal project" to Gaius and gives the order for her clippers to finish the Widow. Just as a slew of arrows are launched at the Widow, they're stopped in mid-air and hang, inexplicably, for a moment, before they are turned around at their shooters. Chau is wounded in the process. The Master walks in and greets the Widow as Minerva. She orders the Widow to put aside her war. "Something far more dangerous is coming," she warns before striking the Widow's forehead with Chi. The Widow collapses.

As the final step to unlock the chamber, Sunny places his hand against a pillar that begins to glow with a bright white light. Pilgrim does the same with one hand and uses the other to cradle Henry. Henry's black veins begin to pass from his body into Pilgrim's as the gift is removed. Sunny thanks Pilgrim for curing his son. Pilgrim opens his eyes, now pitch black with the gift, and says, "No, brother, thank you."