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Season 3, Episode 7

Dragonfly’s Last Dance

Sunny works with the River King to secure passage to Pilgrim's Fortress; The Widow faces mutiny from discontented troops.

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The Widow and her team study a map depicting Chau's stationed troops and realize theyíre outnumbered by Chau. Lydia suggests withdrawing, but the Widow wants to launch a surprise attack instead. Gaius Chau agrees.

Nathaniel Moon and Lydia talk in private about the Widow's plan. Lydia worries it will be a "suicide mission" for Moon.

Wren, the Butterfly who lost her leg at Sniper's Alley, meets in secret with a group of Butterflies and Bowler Hats. When a housekeeper spots them, Wren kills her. The group uncovers a cache of gas masks and plans to stage a mutiny to end the war themselves.

Moon leaves the Sanctuary.

Lydia spots Wren and the mutineers and hides.

A supply truck arrives at the Sanctuary. Arthur and a gang of more mutineers attack the guards and secure the gate.

Gaius admires his etched dagger that the Widow has kept after all these years. She thanks him for believing in her. Suddenly, gas canisters skitter across the Sanctuary, engulfing the Widow and Gaius in smoke. Wren leads the group of gas-masked mutineers, who overpower Gaius. The Widow drops to her knees and Wren hits her over the head.

Sunny enters the River King's warehouse with a knife against the River King's neck. The River King promises his people wonít harm Sunny, prompting Sunny to lower his knife. The River King fetches Pilgrim's advertisement for acolytes and warns that Pilgrim only cares about Azra. The River King tries to dismiss him, but Sunny wants to know about Lily's boat.

On Lily's boat, Lily laments that she found a machete in the boatís fuel line. Bajie offers to fix the boat if Lily will take him and Sunny to Pilgrim's fortress.

The River King tells Sunny about the history of Lily's boat, which used to belong to him. When Sunny mentions the etched lotus symbol he found, the River King explains that the boat was transporting a shipment but went missing for three days. When it was found, it was full of dead bodies, except for the captain. The River King deduces that Sunny was also on the boat and suggests he get more information from the captain, who lives down the river.

Moon comes across a group of dead Bowler Hats at one of the Widow's checkpoints. A dying Bowler tells Moon that it was an inside job.

The mutineers take over the Sanctuary and imprison the Widow and Gaius. Gaius reaches for Arthur, but gets an arrow in his chest.

A memorial service is held for Castor at Pilgrim's fortress. Pilgrim acknowledges Castorís sacrifice as the acolytes chant "his blood was our blood." Castor's body is set on fire at the end of the ritual.

The River King instructs his mercenaries to dispatch a pigeon to "our friends in the North" and inform them that he's found the one they've been looking for.

Cressida feels Sunny getting closer, but warns Pilgrim to prepare in case he's dangerous. She suggests training Nix and M.K. together so they can learn to fight as one, as Nix did with Castor. At the mention of Castor's name, Pilgrim grabs Cressida's throat and blames her for his death.

Wren and Arthur write up a list of their demands. They want the Widow to sign it so Chau will accept the new deal. The Widow warns that Chau will want unrestricted rights to trade Cogs as long as she remains Baron. Wren and Arthur would be giving up their freedom. Wren gives the Widow two options: sign the document or die.

A mutineer catches Lydia and orders her to submit to him. Lydia buries a dagger in his gut and gets him to tell her where the Widow's being held.

Moon travels to the refugee camp to enlist Tilda's help with the mutiny.

At the fortress, Nix presses Pilgrim for more information about Castorís death after finding bruises on his neck. He lies.

Sunny finds the captain from the boat massacre. The captain recalls there were people dressed in red and black armor, looking for Sunny. He mentions that Sunny's sister put up a fight, but doesn't know what happened to her afterwards. The captain mentions the logs kept by the River King and guesses he has more details.

The mutineers round up the Butterflies and Bowler Hats who refuse to join their cause and hold them hostage.

Lydia finds Wren and Arthur, who are looking for the Widow's seal. She insists that Chau is more likely to believe the authenticity of the document if Lydia delivers it herself.

Lydia finds the Widow and Gaius and declares she's ending the war. The Widow provides her signature and seal to the mutineers' document. Wren instructs Lydia to deliver it to the closest Chau checkpoint by sunset, or else hostages will be executed. As Lydia leaves, the Widow advises Lydia to "take the high road trail."

Lily watches Bajie care for Henry and admires his nurturing side. They embrace, pressing against the boatís ignition switch in the process and bringing the boat back to life.

Tilda and Moon stake out the Sanctuary and see Lydia leaving on horseback with two escorts.

Tilda catches up to Lydia in the woods and kills her escorts. Lydia assures she's not betraying the Widow.

Lydia, Tilda and Moon strategize about the Widow's message to take the "high" road. Tilda realizes it's in reference to a hidden passage the Butterflies used while sneaking out of the Sanctuary. Moon plans to launch a secret attack at nightfall. Lydia warns against it, but Moon is determined to defend his honor.

At the fortress, Nix tells M.K. about the bruises she found on Castor's neck and questions everything she's been led to believe. M.K. assures Nix he's an ally and promises to teach her how to control her Gift.

At the Sanctuary, Gaius is not surprised by Lydia's betrayal. He recounts stories of her treachery while she was a Baroness and admits Chau fears her. The Widow refuses to believe Lydia has abandoned the cause. She reflects on her decision to imprison M.K. and wonders if she's "become the monster I swore to defend them from." Outside, Wren begins assembling hostages.

Arthur informs Gaius and the Widow that Lydia has failed to keep her word. As a result, Wren is killing hostages. The Widow secretly grabs an arrow and jams it through Arthur's skull. Gaius retrieves Arthur's keys.

The Widow and Gaius take out the Butterflies and Bowler Hats keeping the Sanctuary on lockdown. Soon, Wren enters with more mutineers and the Widow and Gaius are outnumbered. Just as Wren gives the signal for the Widow to be killed, Tilda throws a star at the attackers. Moon and Tilda's Rabbits rush in to defend the place while the Widow comes face-to-face with Wren.

Sunny returns to the River King's warehouse and asks about his boat logs. As Sunny retrieves the documents, a group of men surround Sunny. Theyíre dressed in red and black armor emblazoned with a lotus flower. Sunny springs into action and takes all but one out. Sunny interrogates the last man, who slams his palm against a tiny spike hidden in his lotus flower emblem. The man's veins turn black and he dies before he can give Sunny any answers. Bajie escorts the River King, who attempted to flee, back to Sunny. The River King explains that the assassins are known as the Black Lotus and they won't stop hunting Sunny. The River King offers to get Sunny out of danger, but Sunny kills the River King and takes the boat logs.

Sunny and Bajie return to Lily's boat. She promises to get them as close to Pilgrim's fortress as she can. Bajie offers for her to come with them on their journey. Lily has to decline and toys with the idea of becoming the River Queen.

The Widow thanks Lydia for her help, then addresses a row of mutineers who must face death for their treachery. As her final words, Wren begs the Widow to end the war. The Widow promises to do so, then instructs Moon to give the signal. Arrows are launched at the Butterflies and Bowler Hats who turned on the cause. Tilda and Gaius watch.