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Season 3, Episode 5

Carry Tiger to Mountain

Sunny and Bajie seek help from a reclusive former Master; The Widow must confront a spectre from her past as Chau's slave.

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The Widow and Lydia return to the Sanctuary after their meeting with Pilgrim. They hear a noise coming from the trunk of the Widow's car and find Gaius Chau inside. He asks if the Widow recognizes him and calls her Minerva.

In a flashback, Gaius's 13th birthday party is held at White Bone Manor. A puppeteer tells the story of Horatio Chau, the first Baron to rule the Badlands.

The Widow works as a house cog in the Manor's kitchen.

Gaius smiles at his father, Baron Alexander Chau, as he hears the family legacy.

The Widow carries a tray of drinks and accidentally drops it when Gaius greets her. Gaius helps her clean up and cuts his finger in the process. Alexander Chau orders Gaius to give the Widow 10 lashes with a cane as punishment and lock her in the pig box afterwards. When he hesitates, Alexander gives the task to Gaius' sister, Juliet, who smiles as she beats the Widow in front of everyone. "A Baron never hesitates," Alexander says. "A Baron shows no mercy."

In the present, Gaius offers to help the Widow take down his sister. The Widow has Gaius locked up.

Sunny, Bajie and Henry reach the base of Vulture's Peak. Sunny tells Bajie that Henry seems to be getting worse.

Pilgrim, Cressida, Nix and Castor arrive at Baron Chau's mansion after the attack on the fortress and hurl a sack full of the severed heads of her soldiers at Chau's feet. Chau claims the attack came from Gaius, who acted alone. Pilgrim doesn't buy it, but offers mercy if she supplies him with 1,000 workers for a "special project." Chau says her men are busy fighting on the front lines, but Pilgrim promises "failure will not be absolved." When Pilgrim leaves, Chau notices Gaius' head is not among the ones Pilgrim brought.

Nathaniel Moon returns to the Sanctuary after his run-in with Sunny. The Widow sees Moon's old sword and guesses Moon found his target. When Moon says he let Sunny live, the Widow threatens to end both Sunny and Moon's lives if Sunny proves to be a problem.

Sunny and Bajie brave harsh snow as they climb the mountain to Vulture's Peak. They discover Ankara's home is in a crashed airplane. They make it to Ankara, who wonders if Bajie has come to kill her. Sunny explains he's here for help curing Henry.

Nix tends to M.K., who's been brought back to Pilgrim's fortress. M.K. turns on his dark power and tries to escape, but Pilgrim shuts it down and suggests he rest. M.K. explains he must find the man who killed his mother. Pilgrim explains he understands M.K.'s loneliness and rage, and invites M.K. to join their family instead. Pilgrim mentions the mission to find Azra. He leaves it up to M.K. to freely choose. Castor watches the exchange from afar.

Ankara assesses Henry and says she can offer him temporary relief but can't take away the dark gift. Sunny tells her to do whatever she can to save him.

Ankara plunges Henry under water and touches Sunny's chest to channel Sunny's strength. Sunny's chest glows as his chi is used to flow into Henry. Under water, the dark energy leeches out of Henry. Sunny finally pulls Henry out of the water and Ankara warns he'll need a more permanent solution eventually. Ankara grabs Sunny's face and is able to "see" that Sunny is a "catalyst." She promises the answers he seeks are inside of him.

In a flashback, a hooded figure hits a young Sunny's chi points with a glowing finger.

In the present, Ankara is repelled by Sunny's energy and sent flying across the room.

In a flashback, young Sunny's eyes turn black.

In the present, Ankara deduces that someone powerful locked Sunny's gift. She predicts fate brought Sunny and Bajie together for a reason, but Bajie waves her off. Bajie blames Ankara for his false hope in Azra and mentions the unanswered signal he sent out. Ankara goes over to a radio and plays a signal transmission sent by Pilgrim in response to Bajie.

At Pilgrim's fortress, Castor notices Nix bonding with M.K. and feels threatened. He's noticed M.K. doesn't have to cut himself to use his gift and tells him he's not one of them. Castor's nose starts to bleed. As Pilgrim and Cressida secretly watch them, Cressida warns that Castor is losing control. She insists M.K. is who they need, but Pilgrim refuses to let go of Castor.

Ankara and Bajie decode Pilgrim's signal, which calls for followers to join him in cleansing the land. Ankara explains that in order for the new world to be born, the old must die. She says Pilgrim will usher in an era of blood and chaos.

At her mansion, Chau strategizes with her generals. Her regent, Otto, suggests recruiting refugees to get the men she needs for Pilgrim. Chau orders a raid of the Totemist refugee camp.

At the fortress, Castor asks Cressida for a healing tincture. Cressida bluntly tells him he's dying, but suggests he can still help the cause. She puts him in charge of ensuring the raid on the refugee camp goes as planned and promises to honor his sacrifice if he dies.

In a conversation with Lydia, the Widow admits she doesn't trust Gaius and says every man she's ever known has betrayed her. Lydia empathizes and recalls her own history with Quinn, but urges the Widow not to let the past keep her from trusting potential allies.

The Widow finds Gaius in a cell and Gaius says it's hard to believe they were once friends. She remembers merely being a "star-struck cog" as a child. Gaius suggests their connection was deeper and recounts another story from his 13th birthday.

In a flashback, the Widow is locked in a pig pen after receiving lashes from Juliet.

In the present, Gaius alludes to having a hand in freeing the Widow from the pig pen that night. The Widow says Gaius would know a particular item was left behind if he was really there. Gaius knows it was a dagger with the words "No mercy" inscribed on the blade. He promises her they believe in the same cause even though they come from different worlds.

Ankara tells Sunny that Pilgrim is his only hope to save Henry and gives him a drawing of Pilgrim's fortress.

Pilgrim takes M.K. to an excavation site where workers are plowing away at the land. Pilgrim explains that "something extraordinary" lies underneath that will help them build a better world.

Castor rides a motorcycle towards the refugee camp and links up with Otto and Chau's Clippers along the way. "I'm here to lead you," he boasts.

In her quarters, the Widow studies the same dagger Gaius described. Moon updates her on Chau's plan to attack the refugee camp. The Widow has Gaius released and armed.

At the refugee camp, Tilda tells Odessa they have enough supplies to last them through winter. They kiss and suddenly hear chaos outside.

Castor and Chau's Clippers rip through the camp, lighting tents on fire and loading people in trucks as they go. Castor cuts down those rebelling with two swords on his motorcycle handles. Suddenly, Tilda traps Castor in a lasso and goes head to-head with him. They trade blows and he kicks her through the door of a caravan. Castor's eyes fade from black to normal during the fight, but he manages to get her in a chokehold.

Moon, Gaius, the Widow and a gang of Butterflies arrive to join the fight. The moment allows Tilda to escape from Castor. The Widow orders Tilda to get people to safety. Tilda hesitates leaving the Widow, but obeys, leaving the Widow to go against Castor directly. Gaius battles Otto and Moon assists Odessa against Chau's Clippers.

Moon and Odessa step in to help Gaius against Otto. Otto runs away.

Moon finds the Widow just as she has cornered Castor on the ground. Moon suggests they fall back as they are outnumbered. The Widow agrees to retreat and plans to take Castor. Castor promises Pilgrim will come for him. She knocks him out.

Bajie urges Sunny not to blindly follow Ankara's instructions, but Sunny is determined to find Pilgrim if it means saving Henry. Bajie agrees to accompany him because he's the one that sent the signal out.

At the fortress, Cressida has a vision and ferociously draws lines on the walls with blood. M.K., now wearing the same style of armor as Nix and Castor, recognizes the pattern as the Clipper tattoos on Sunny's back. Cressida names Sunny as the "catalyst" and says the catalyst is travelling towards them. M.K. tells Pilgrim that Sunny is his mother's killer, but Pilgrim forbids M.K. from harming Sunny. Pilgrim says Sunny's destiny is intertwined with his own and Sunny must be treated as a brother. "Be he enemy or friend, this I know: he will be joining us very soon," Cressida predicts.