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Season 3, Episode 3

Leopard Snares Rabbit

Sunny and Bajie go undercover on The Widow's frontlines, seeking passage to a possible cure for Henry; Tilda confronts The Widow.

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Tilda's fighters train at their camp. A carrier pigeon lands nearby.

As Tilda plans her next raid against the Widow, Odessa suggests focusing on their own people. One of the fighters rushes in with a message that reads "Get out now." Just then, a crossbow bolt thrusts through the fighter's chest.

Butterflies and bowlers surround the camp, surprised to learn that Tilda is the Iron Rabbit. Tilda kills a group of the intruders before Nathaniel Moon appears. Moon wonders if Tilda is "worth a tattoo," but ruthlessly pursues her as he has orders from the Widow to kill the Iron Rabbit. Tilda and Moon go head-to-head until Moon pushes her off the roof of a building and Tilda falls unconscious. Odessa steps in and has Tilda escorted out of the camp, then goes directly against Moon. Moon overpowers her and demands to know where the Iron Rabbit is being taken, but she keeps quiet. He knocks her out.

Sunny and Bajie - posing as part of the Widow's army - drive through the bleak frontlines of the war in the truck that Tilda stole from the Widow's supply convoy. They arrive with Henry at the Widow's base camp and stay in character when a young bowler named Arthur greets them. Sunny says Henry is important to the Widow and must be taken to a healer on the other side of the lines. Arthur explains that Chau's archers control the only choke point nearby. Sunny demands to see what they're up against and leaves Henry with the medic at the camp to rest.

At the Sanctuary, Lydia shakes hands with the Widow after officially accepting the position of Viceroy. Moon returns, with Odessa in chains.

Arthur shows Sunny and Bajie to Sniper Alley, where Chau's archers have been killing anyone who tries to get through to the other side of the lines. "One way in, one way out," Arthur explains. Sunny pretends he's the Widow's new regent and plans to attack the archers soon.

The Widow interrogates Odessa about Tilda's location and the spy who sent the warning message, but Odessa doesn't oblige. The Widow puts bowlers in charge of torturing Odessa but tells them to "keep her pretty" as not to break Tilda's heart when she returns ìhome." The Widow tasks Moon with finding out who the spy is.

Lydia moves into Ryder's old mansion. A servant named Maryanne recognizes her and greets her warmly as "Baroness," but Lydia is adamant about being a Viceroy. Maryanne shows her a folder of designs for a new insignia sent over by the Widow, proposing a horse as Lydia's new symbol. Maryanne admits she equate horses with servitude. Lydia says before the Barons, horses ran wild in the Badlands and served no master. She insists she isn't the Widow's servant.

At the Sanctuary, M.K. is tied down to his bed. The Widow cuts him, but nothing happens. She asks if he experienced anything when he overdosed. M.K. doesn't tell her what he saw in his vision.

Moon visits Lydia and tells her he still remembers her handwriting "after all these years." He knows she's the one that tipped off Tilda and warns her about playing both sides. Lydia is confident he won't tell the Widow and asks why he's even back in the Badlands. Moon says he's after Sunny and Bajie, then asks what Lydia's end goal is. She's confident she can do good while working under the Widow, but admits that people like the Widow and Quinn "aren't built to last." She wants to survive. Moon says there's another option, admits he still has feelings for her. He leans in for a kiss, but Lydia stops him. "Mercy isn't an asset in a Regent," she says. "Nor is love." Moon burns the warning message in a candle flame.

Sunny and Bajie launch their attack in Sniper Alley with help from Arthur and another bowler named Wren. Sunny and the group rush through the alley, dodging constant arrows. Wren gets shot in the process and Sunny deduces that, based on the arrow trajectories, there's only one shooter. They manage to sneak into a truck, avoiding fire, and drive Wren back to the base camp.

Back with the medic, Bajie hits some of Wren's pressure points on her body and uses his chi power to alleviate her pain. Nadia says Wren's leg is already infected and predicts she won't make it through the night.

Tilda sneaks into Lydia's mansion and puts a knife to her throat. She knows Lydia sold her out. Lydia explains her role in helping her. She says she sees that Tilda could be a great leader, but she has to learn how to "play the game."

Sunny practices with a longbow and tells Arthur it was the first weapon he learned to use. He plans to use it against Chau's sniper.

That night, Moon arrives back at the Sanctuary and sees one of the Widow's trucks incoming. The bowler in the truck explains that he's been instructed by the Widow's regent to retrieve urgent supplies. Moon asks the Bowler to describe the regent and realizes it's Sunny.

In a moment alone with Bajie, Wren explains that she used to be one of Baron Hassan's Cogs. She asks if she's dying, but Bajie doesn't respond. She thanks him for his honesty and goes back to sleep. Bajie asks Nadia for help, but Nadia can only think of cutting off Wren's infected leg.

After dark, a group of bowlers launch flaming arrows at Chau's sniper to confuse his night-vision goggles. Sunny races down Sniper Alley and into the building where the sniper is hiding.

Bajie keeps Wren sedated and tries to control her pain as Nadia saws off her leg.

Sunny closes in on the sniper and tries to explain that he's simply trying to help a baby. The archer launches arrows at him. When Sunny realizes the sniper will not negotiate, he launches an arrow into a fire extinguisher, which explodes into white fog, and uses the temporary cover to move in for a hand-to-hand combat. A tense battle ensues between the two. Finally, Sunny triggers the sniper's revolver ñ which was being used to launch multiple arrows in the alley ñ and the sniper is struck in the shoulder with his own weapon.

The sniper tells Sunny he was only acting out of duty to Chau. Arthur approaches and Sunny instructs him not to harm the archer, as he's a prisoner of war now. Arthur slices his throat anyway. Sunny reaches for a knife to punish Arthur but decides against it.

The next day, Arthur recounts the previous night with some of his companions, gloating in his killing. Sunny realizes there are kids on both sides of the lines fighting the Barons' war. "Proud killers just like I was," he tells Bajie.

Wren awakens to see her leg has been cut off. She curses Bajie and wonders what her future will look like now that she can't fight.

Tilda arrives at the Sanctuary to see the Widow and proposes a deal: if the Widow releases Odessa, Tilda will stop raiding the Widow's trucks. The Widow agrees to let Odessa go and also provide sanctuary for refugees, but only if Tilda agrees to come back and fight for the cause again. Tilda agrees to the deal if M.K. is let go.

Meanwhile, two bowlers force a feeding tube down M.K.'s throat. M.K. summons his dark power and breaks free from his constraints. He sends the bowlers flying through a window, then immediately finds the Widow, still talking with Tilda. Powered by his gift, he kicks the Widow across the room. Before he can kill her, Tilda steps in and stops him. M.K.'s eyes return to normal and he walks out of the Sanctuary, with Tilda and Odessa following him. The Widow staggers to her feet as they leave.