Into the Badlands


After an epic showdown with the Widow that left her bruised and battered, Tilda forges herself a new identity: The Iron Rabbit. Alongside her lover, Odessa, Tilda plays Robin Hood for Lydia's refugees. But when her mission for good brings her back onto the Widow's radar, Tilda must decide, yet again, whether to join forces with her mother.

Played by Alexia Ioannides

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Park City, Utah, Ally Ioannides started acting at a young age, doing stage productions in Salt Lake City. At 11 years old she got her first Equity role and continued on the stage, acting, dancing, and singing. At 14, Ioannides moved to California and soon landed the recurring role of troubled Dylan in the final season of NBC’s Parenthood. She quickly followed up with an emotional guest lead on Law & Order: SVU about the treatment of rape on college campuses, and another memorable guest-star role as a psychopathic murderer on CBS’s Elementary.

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