Into the Badlands

Nathaniel Moon

After losing his hand -- and his honor -- to Sunny in Season 2, Moon reluctantly joins forces with the Widow in her war against Baron Chau in the hopes of avenging his feud with Sunny.

Played by Sherman Augustus

Sherman Augustus is truly rare and talented, having become a major success in both of his chosen careers: football and acting. Sherman Harold Augustus was born and raised in Los Angeles with a creative mind and athletic skills that took him to Northwestern University and then on to the NFL playing for the Minnesota Vikings and then the San Diego Chargers. After retiring from the stadium lights of professional football, Augustus made the transition to the bright lights of Hollywood, beginning with his debut in the film Colors. He has appeared in over 40 film and television projects. Augustus has made his presence known in his roles on television, recurring on the series Chicago Hope, starring in the cult Stephen J. Cannell series Profit, starring opposite Jason O’Mara in the ABC series Marlow based on the Raymond Chandler novels, recurring on AMC’s hit series Low Winter Sun, starring on NBC’s American Odyssey, and guest starring on the hit series Westworld on HBO. In film, Augustus has appeared in What’s Love Got to Do with It opposite Angela Bassett, Virus opposite Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland, and The Mexican opposite Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt for director Gore Verbinski. He received the Best Male Performance Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for his starring performance in the film Bad Guys for Director Rick Jacobson, starring opposite Danny Strong and Kate del Castillo. Sherman lent his considerable talents to the innovative animated short film Logorama, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Film Animated and a Cesar Award in France for Best Short Film. Augustus is a modern renaissance man who is a talented writer, actor, adventurer, and a master of the martial arts—a warrior with a poet’s soul.

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