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Immortalized Interviews With the Cast

Curious about the recent AMC series Immortalized? One way to find out more is to check out the online interviews with the cast. Below is a sampling of what the four Immortalizers, three judges and one host have to say about taxidermy, be it rogue or traditional. Click on each cast member name below to read the full Q&A.

“I am honestly surprised that more women haven’t been involved since the start. You need nimble fingers, attention to detail, and a lot of patience.” —Immortalizer Beth Beverly

“Taxidermy work is ten-fold better than it was in the ’80s, and that has to do with people learning and having other taxidermists talk to them and show them how to achieve something.” —Immortalizer Dave Houser

“Sometimes the insects I found would be missing legs or arms or such and such. And I felt that it was a shame. And I think, they are talking to me: ‘Get me back my missing part’.” —Immortalizer Takeshi Yamada

“What you really need is someone with more knowledge and experience to look at your piece. They’ll find the mistakes you’ve made and they tell you how to correct them.” —Immortalizer Page Nethercutt

“That’s what nerdiness really is — its people who don’t just passively like something, they get passionate about whatever they like.” —Judge Brian Posehn

“I hope that traditional and rogue taxidermy will get closer and closer together until you are seeing really fine taxidermy, but much more outrageous ideas” —Judge Catherine Coan

“I’m a sculptor, I’m a taxidermist, I’m a duck hunter, I’m a bird watcher, and a fisherman. All those things play into one another. For me, there are no definite boundaries.” —Judge Paul Rhymer

“I’ve always wanted to make a giradger — you know, half giraffe, half badger. I would dress him up like he was in KISS” —Host Zach Selwyn

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