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(SPOILERS) How Tragedy Finally Brings Synths and Humans Together — Inside the HUMANS Season 3 Finale

In the Season 3 Finale, Mia makes the ultimate sacrifice as the symbol of peace between humans and Synths.

“The death of Mia was something that we discussed at an early stage, as soon as we started to develop her storyline,” explains co-creator and executive producer Sam Vincent. “It was really important for us to go and speak to Gemma and pitch it to her. Luckily for us, she saw the value of it, and she’s done just her best work in HUMANS in our eyes. That final act of self-sacrifice is the most extraordinary moment in HUMANS we’ve had.”

Go Inside the Season 3 Finale With the Cast and Creators

Gemma Chan was obviously quite emotional about the storyline. “It’s been quite a mixture of emotions, really,” the actress says. “I knew it was going to be happening, but when it came to the day, it felt quite sad. I’ve lived with this character now for three and a half years and she’s a special character. I think it was quite emotional for everyone.”

Adds Vincent: “We’ve lost Mia, but in her sacrifice she has made possible a future in which humankind and Synth-kind can cooperate and live together.”

Plus, the cast and creators reflect on where the other characters are left at the end of the season and where they could go next. Click here to go inside the Season 3 Finale.

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